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Photos By Jonny Grave and Antwone Walters,Words By Jenn Tisdale

There is nothing but joy in a convention of this nature. People are there to see the costumes, the pageantry, the celebrity guests/exhibitors, and each other. It’s the “each other,” that always gets me. Old friends reconnect, new friends find each other and somewhere in all of this you might get to meet your personal hero.


“It’s tough work fighting Joe all day. You gotta stay hydrated.”

It’s called Awesome Con because there are literally no limits (except weapons, there are a lot of rules about weapons. And photography. There are limits on weapons and photography). It’s for fans of comic books, TV shows, movies, professional wrestling, and of course your own imagination. It provides a safe space for folks to be whomever or whatever they’ve always wanted to be (RoboCop, Harley Quinn, Furiosa, The Flash, Green Arrow, Superman, Sailor Moon, any X-Men AND MORE…). Plus you can get your fill of memorabilia because your house can be a museum if you want it to be! There is something for everyone at Awesome Con and my one piece of advice is this: Abandon All Nope Ye Who Enter Here. Just say yes.

Jonny’s Friday photos


Antwone’s Saturday and Sunday photos