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Always accessorize a kimono with a mustache.

On Friday the Freer and Sackler Gallery kept its doors open after-hours and invited people to explore their exhibits. Showcased were An American in London: Whistler and the Thames, Chigusa and the Art of Tea, and Kiyochika: Master of the Night. To go with the British theme, attendees were given bowler hats and mustaches. They were also able to recreate Whistler’s Variations in Flesh Colour and Green – The Balcony.

In a nod to the Japanese exhibits, and Whistler’s paintings of women in kimonos, the museum also brought in someone from the DC Kimono Club to teach people about the style of dress. She also put kimonos on those who volunteered. Adding to the Japanese mood was a koto player, who strummed the tradition Japanese instrument for people to listen to as they walked around the exhibits. The Gallery also screened the film Tokyo Twilight from famed director Yasujirō Ozu.

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