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Our tech bro boys Jeff (Evan Peters) and Mutt (Billy Eichner) are getting REAL TIRED of Michael’s indecision re: what to do in order to bring on ye olde end times, so their focus this episode is to give him a little nudge in the right direction.

He shows up unexpectedly to the coven HQ, where the witches are setting about to create a protective spell that’s meant to keep Michael out. He’s helped to gain entry by traitor dot com Dinah, who breaks the spell and allows him to walk right in with Ms. Mead. Zoe and Queenie try to fight back, but Michael decimates the entire group in seconds.

Fortunately, Myrtle, Cordelia and Mallory are upstairs when all of this is going down. Mallory wants to go down and help, but her powers are totally drained, and Cordelia votes to evacuate instead. Michael expects to find them in the house, but when he realizes they’re gone, he flips his shit.

This is where Jeff and Mutt come in with the aforementioned nudge. They use Mead (who, again, is a robot now) to tell him that he should seek help from the Cooperative, which, it turns out, is just the Illuminati under a different name. They tell Michael that these people have been WAITING for the Antichrist, and that they’ll likely do whatever he tells them as their souls belong to ol’ Daddy Devil.

In safety, meanwhile, Cordelia astral projects to the house to survey the damage. She tries to breathe life back into Queenie and Zoe, but their corpses disappear immediately. Screaming, Cordelia goes back to her body and Madison reveals that Michael has the ability to essentially delete souls. Cordelia slaps Madison REAL HARD across the face, saying she should’ve told her about this detail. Madison’s all, “I TOLD YOU HE WAS THE ANTICHRIST, WHAT MORE DID YOU WANT?!”

They decide that it’s worth investigating whether or not Mallory can travel back in time to stop all of this from happening in the first place. To test her abilities, they order her a hundred years back to 1918, in the midst of the Bolshevik Revolution – one of the Romanov daughters was apparently a witch, and while she tried to create a protective barrier to prevent her family’s slaughter, her powers were too weak to hold off the soldiers’ fire. Mallory goes back to try to strengthen the spell, and it seems like it could work, but once again the barrier falls, and the bullets get through to rub out every last Romanov. Mallory comes back just in the nick of time to the present-day, and while she didn’t get shot, she is bleeding out of her eyes and nose, and screaming. She wasn’t able to help the Romanov family, but she was able to go back in time and interact with people, so there is some level of hope.

Meanwhile, Mutt and Jeff tell Ms. Venable about the whole doomsday plan. She had threatened to quit working for them, but she seems back on board after having been told that she can lead up a fallout bunker and create whatever rules she wants, with zero oversight from higher ups. So that’s THAT origin story solved.

And Michael arranges to meet with the Cooperative, who are all wearing the same cloaks and masks to keep their identities hidden. Turns out, Michael is able to read each and every one of them anyway, spouting details specific to each person at the table. When they sound concerned after he reveals his plans to bring about the apocalypse, he reminds them that his father owns their souls, and that they must loyally do his bidding. That puts a stop to the moaning and groaning, and they set out to begin discussing plans for building the fallout bunkers.

Oh, and did I mention the non-dead witches go to meet up with the warlocks, only to find the entire academy has been massacred, and the corpses (and limbs) have been arranged in a pentagram pattern? Because that happened. So cheerful!

While loose ends are being tied, I can’t help but feel that next week’s finale is going to be somewhat rushed in its wrap-up. The only resolution that makes sense to me presently is that Mallory could go back in time and stop Michael from being born, or at least from growing up, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong! Either way, this season has FLOWN. How is it already November?! Ugh. Anyway, see you all next week for the final recap!