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Things are finally starting to come together re: overlapping plot points, you guys!

We open with Michael out in the desert where his comrades have been burned at the stake by Cordelia & Co(ven). He’s freaking the fuck out since his most powerful allies are now D-E-A-D. Cordelia appears and offers him the option of turning away from the dark (which has forsaken him) to join forces with the light, but he refuses, vowing to bring back Ms. Mead and kill every last witch. #HEAVY!

He begins wandering aimlessly until, exhausted, he comes to a point in the forest where he hunkers down to await advice from Ol’ Daddy Satan. Several days go by with no messages until he begins being visited by visions (likely hallucinations) of children offering him apples and grape-flavored Fanta, angels, black goats, etc. He doesn’t know what to make of any of it, so he eventually picks up and continues wandering until he comes upon a Satanist church in the city. There he finds Sandra Bernhard preaching the importance of evil and sin in bringing about the apocalypse.

One of the parishioners realizes how hungry and tired Michael looks, so she offers to make him some food at her house down the road. She clearly has no idea who she’s talking to until Michael reveals the mark of the beast behind his ear, and then it’s all HAIL SATAN! She brings him back to the Satanist church, and Michael is given the honor of performing a ritual killing. (How nice!)

At the potluck after the service, Michael reveals to his new friend (named Madelyn, by the way) that he doesn’t know what to do re: bringing about ye olde end times. He does know, however, that he needs Ms. Mead at his side. Madelyn thinks she can help, and offers to drive him to a place that might know how to bring her back in one way or another. Turns out the plain-looking office building is the HQ for the Collective, and it’s headed up by Jeff (Evan Peters) and Mutt (Billy Eichner), two mega-smart, mega-rich mega-nerds who, fueled by the power of cocaine and blowjobs, are leaders in the robotics industry. And Satanists. (Duh.)

Their secretary also happens to be Ms. Venable, who you should remember as the head of the Outpost in earlier episodes. (Turns out she’s always been a BIG fan of purple, which will come to play a part in the post-apocalyptic caste system.)

Michael proves he’s the Antichrist, and Jeff and Mutt offer their undying allegiance to him. They also set out to make him the best-ever robotic replica of Ms. Mead, and their efforts pay off – she sits up and immediately smiles, saying how much she’s missed Michael. Ahhh the power of technology!

Anyway, loose ends in the story are finally starting to come together, and it’ll be interesting to see how Michael ACTUALLY winds up setting off the apocalypse, and how the witches were able to avoid total annihilation. I’m sure we’ll find out lots in next week’s episode, which looks jam-packed with greatness! See you in seven days!