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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves: Our name is Rec-Room Therapy.  Each week, we discuss recent hip-hop tracks.   Today, we explore the meaning of love and devotion with famed scholars  Future and Miley Cyrus, visit Fredo Santana’s Chicago with “King of New York” Kendrick Lamar, and dig into some coke rap with two of genre’s masters, Pusha T and Jeezy.  Along for the ride is our distinguished panel of Marcus DowlingPhil R, Joshua Phelps, Aaron Miller, and Hip Hop Hooray’s Leah Manners.


Future ft. Miley Cyrus & Mr. Hudson: “Real and True”

Future’s forthcoming second LP, Honest, has been pushed from November to December to the nebulous “early 2014,” but we got some new music from him this week with “Real and True”, the collaboration with Miley Cyrus and the forever young Mr. Hudson that he’s been teasing for a minute.  The track was produced by Future’s tried-and-true partner Make WiLL Made It.  “Real and True” is an ode to monogamy of sorts, which is only appropriate as Future recently put a ring on singer Ciara.

Aaron:  Oh shit. You have no idea what Lovecraftian levels of hate and fear and madness I will have to overcome to even press play on this bitch.   Willingly listen to Miley and Future on the same track?! This will surely burn my ears out and stop time forever, right?

PhilWhat is this?  Aside from my wedding song.

Leah:  I don’t understand why Future/Freebandz PR is calling this a “banger.” I about fell asleep listening to it. It’s that real “From a Distance” sentimentality bullshit and Future is still making me cringe. UGH. Fuck this. Was this written for the Gravity OST or what?

Phil:  Someone is not invited to my wedding.

Marcus:  Future exists in a mystical world of music (caused by digital technology, actually) wherein tonality and melody converge and allow incredible magic to occur. When the science works, Future doesn’t make songs, he makes explosions. The best Future songs are like science fair volcanoes of sound, first exploding out of the speaker, then slowly foaming down the sides of the paper mache mountain. The question shouldn’t be “why is a Future song so bad,” but instead it should be “why is science so fucking good?” In all seriousness, though, the vocal tones and melodies chosen for this track are perfect. I urge everyone reading this to check out the “Stand By Me”-ripping Future/Miley duet “My Darlin'” from Bangerz. As compared to this song – which, due to Mr. Hudson sounds vaguely human – “My Darlin'” sounds like the soundtrack to a teenage version of one of those blue creatures in Avatar falling in love. Yeah. Love songs almost explicitly for Martians. It’s Future, we live in the future, so I guess we have to figure that this is what it is going to be.

Phelps:  I heard in space, no one can hear you scream.  If this is true, strap a rocket to my ass like Astronaut Jones and fire me like debris into the nearest satellite so that I may never hear Future’s garbled, warbling whines ever again.  It just doesn’t work on whatever, potentially, this is – is it a love song?  A saccharine, Vitamin C-esque love song for teenagers.  Basically, Future ruining a perfectly good song for Miley’s Bangerz that will do nothing to gain him fans but will drill her a little bit more into the subconscious of Future fans.  I want to listen to hip hop, I’ve got blood running through my veins, not circuits, and I’m a grown ass man who won’t call anyone Delicious, much less “Future.”  Fucking beat it, please, and if you want to compare yourself to Hendrix why don’t you be like him in his late 20’s because you’re for damn sure about 1/1000 of the talent he was when alive.

Aaron:  I tried. I spent 4 days trying to click the link. It ain’t happening.I can’t do it,too dangerous.My ears wont let me. I have to think about me sometimes.

Also, I lied, and Future should stop comparing himself to Hendrix before I call some goons. I feel so bad for hating on Kreayshawn and all those other ratchet white girls now that Miley has co-opted every urban/rap/trap/twerk/sex meme on the planet.

This song is straight anti-culture.

Phil:  Combining Mr. Hudson and Miley Cyrus on the same track reminds me of when I was a fat kid and used to spread Duncan Hines vanilla frosting on top of my Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts:  Both components on their own are awful for me, but bringing them together isn’t just excessive and unhealthy, it might kill me.  I am a dyed-in-the-wool Future proponent – which entails being an occasional Future apologist – but this is one rocket ship that I can’t join him on.

Oh Space Captain, My Space Captain, what are you doing?  Please don’t put this on Honest.  Even if I prefer your wall-punchers, I have nothing against your love songs and duets.  I ride for  “Neva End (Remix)”.  I am ready for towering testaments to your love for Ciara.  This is not it.  This is nether real nor true.  Also, I have a friend in a long-term relationship who likes to brag about all the girls he could have hooked up with on a given night.  It is painfully douchey.  “You can annihilate way more chicks than the chick you screwin'”?  Don’t be that guy.


Fredo Santana ft. Kendrick Lamar: “Jealous”

The release of Chief Keef cohort Fredo Santana’s Trappin Ain’t Dead mixtape is imminent.  The most surprising aspect of the supposed tracklist are the words “featuring Kendrick Lamar”, as Kendrick hasn’t done a whole lot to affiliate himself with what’s been coming out of Chicago recently.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for the release of the mixtape as Fredo went ahead and released the track – produced by Tarentino – early.

Marcus: King Kendrick gives negative zero fucks about all us n***as, basically. I love new money rhymes inspired by the moment when a rapper’s income bracket officially changes. You know, the moment when you get paid $250k for something, and you just earmark $50k for your bank account and pay for In and Out Burger for you, Q, Ab-Soul and say, Ashton Kutcher – who was driving by the studio and shouted at you from out of his SUV – with a $500 bill just for laughs. Of course, you tell the girl behind the counter to keep the change…and slip her the room key for the Chateau Marmont.

Kendrick’s being kind of amazing right now. He’s focused – and yeah, the Kanye tour is off – so he’s just gonna sit around and take fools’ money for features and speak on all of the things that he has no desire to speak about on the next album. I can just imagine Kendrick writing bars about the text messages he’s getting from home on his personal cell phone, and wondering why the rap universe could even begin to care about beefs that he’s not having. This is the Juelz Santana “Don’t watch me, watch TV” on “Mic Check” of rhyming here, and I love it. “Get 100 racks,” “throw that ass back…,” man. It’s Kendrick Lamar’s world right now. He’s maturing and very few are at or near his level.

And Fredo Santana’s on here, too. But he can’t even leave the country and is selling coke on the streets of Chicago murdering his own community. Fuck that guy.

Phelps:  If he’s only earmarking 50k I think he might need some of your management advice Marcus!  I seriously fuck with this Tarentino/808 Mafia track, coming on like a Rockabye Baby version of Harry Fraud’s “Coke Boy” before being decimated by the 808 and distorted keys.  Co-sign on Kendrick, his verse and love for Chicago has more passion in one line than the Future/Miley endeavor.  He’s on his grind if not for himself for his lil bro and laying waste to anyone in his path – I’m not surprised the crowds were chanting his name after his brief Yeezus sets.  I don’t know much about Fredo but he’s got that Keef vibe here and it fits on this track, he rides it out nicely while my eardrums bleed and I throw this US Air cheese plate across the aisle and pretend to pull the exit door cover.  Also, learned what “thots” means (shouts to Bronsalino and Fat Trel.)

Leah:  Tarentino makes a pretty impeccable beat for these two; the piano break is perfect, but then he’s a self-styled Trap-A-Holic. Obviously Fredo feels as comfortable here as he does in his home streets, and I’d point out that him rapping about moving drugs, his profound paranoia, and mistreatment of people is the same stuff Kendrick bemoans in this verse and GKMC. Trap version “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst.” I admire Kendrick’s crossing genre lines as it were to do features with pretty much everyone and then summarily outshining them.

Aaron:  1. I have no idea who Fredo Santana is.

2. I believe Kendrick officially bodied himself on a track that nobody will listen to long enough to get to his verse. All those singing ass rappers out there need to take note: That is how you do it.

3. Holy shit. I just Googled Fredo. I’m pretty sure this dude is the type of dime-a-dozen hood nightmare trainwreck half-rapper that is killing the genre.  Just stop rapping and concentrate on what you’re good at: Killing your own people.


Doughboyz Cashout, Jeezy & Pusha T ft. Big K.R.I.T.: “Pure White”

Doughboyz Cashout – composed of four young dudes from Detroit – signed to Don’t-Call-Me-Young Jeezy’s CTE Records this spring.  “I saw Detroit, I saw some kids that did all the work,” Jeezy said at the time. “They did all the work and I just wanted to show the world what they were working on.”  On “Pure White”, that work is coke rap, and they went ahead and got two of the finest coke rappers around:  Jeezy and Pusha T, who is very much having a moment this fall.  Big K.R.I.T., meanwhile, shows up to handle the hook for good measure.

Phelps:  I can’t think of a better way to be stepped all over on your own track than to make a coke song with arguably the two best coke rappers ever.  I’ll go ahead and say Jeezy’s “mermaid” line is as fine a vintage as there is for the Snowman.  And Pusha, well, he had me swooning from cocaine cowgirl Madrina to the Macarena over this Latin horns beat.  Doughboyz Cashout can’t get props for his milquetoast verse but I will salute him for bringing these two on board and giving me the idea to open a “Doughboyz Cashout” check cashing joint that converts drug money to bitcoins.

Leah:  This isn’t a song: This is a goddamn recipe. Big K.R.I.T. as the chorus on this is just plain amazing; it feels like he has so much more to say (which he does) but he’s just sending a nod over to Jeezy and Kung Push. The beat drives me crazy – I can’t wait for horns to come back into prominence in mainstream hip hop.

Marcus:  Pusha and Jeezy teed off on this one. Man. I don’t even have words for how flawlessly they execute. This beat is also MEAN. SO MEAN. KRIT on the hook? Perfect. If you’re going to make a track about cocaine, this is exactly how it’s done. Doughboyz Cashout has been blessed on this one. I wish that Pusha had this on his album. Maybe instead of that duet with Kelly Rowland…or the track where he raps like Ma$e. This is beautiful. On my 11th play. For the most part I’m blissfully stunned into silence.

Aaron:  This track bangs so hard.  Poor Cashout: Doing a coke rap with Push and Jeezy has gotta be like playing scrabble with Stephen Hawking and Noam Chomsky. No way to hang.  You just know you’re gonna get fucked up.  That little Tony Montana voice in the background is cracking my shit up.