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Summertime means longer days, shorter pants and (if you’re anything like me) more country music. If you’ve started to dabble into the well produced pop-country world of Kacey Musgraves, you’re going to enjoy Rebecca Haviland’s newest track. While the lyric video paints a chillier picture, the song is a strong injection of lazy summer bliss. (Plus, it has just the right amount of twang.)

Here’s what Haviland has to say about the video: “I’ve made two other videos with videographer Jack Hoffman, Bright City Lights and You and I, which was nominated for Best Music Video in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition.  So we wanted to do something a little different with this video, and decided to make it look more like a vintage movie with subtitles.  I wanted the locations to be places that I associate with important memories in my life.  So we chose the beach at Rye Playland for the ocean scenes.  I grew up spending the summers on the beach there and had my first kiss on the Old Mill (as many people I’m sure had done in the past!).  We also chose to include scenes in my house of the baby grand I was able to purchase with a little help from savings bonds I was given as a kid by my aunt and grandparents.  So there are a lot of memories associated with the piano, as well as the vinyl records in the video.  I’ve collected vinyl from family members and travels on the road, and they all take me back to a specific time, place and memory, which coincides with the lyrics of Hideaway.”

Like what you hear? Don’t miss out on Haviland’s show at Berlin (in NYC) on June 4th!