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Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. In a little over a week you’re going to be sick of turkey. And cranberry sauce and gravy. But not yet. The week before Thanksgiving, we are in no way tired of turkey. And cranberry sauce and gravy.

Milk Bar is in the midst of availability for their Thanksgiving Croissant. Since 2011 the Christina Tosi creation has been selling out in all Milk Bar locations. This is the first Thanksgiving their very large 15th St. NW shop is open. Which means you’ll be able to purchase their Thanksgiving Croissant in D.C. without it selling out. I have been unable to purchase the Thanksgiving Croissant from their City Center location every year since they opened in 2015. I have been able to purchase the savory treat in 2018. So can you. So should you.


Thanksgiving is a great holiday if you have the funds to get home or friends willing to host you on the holiday. Not everyone has the funds or the friends to make the fourth Thursday in November a good turkey day. The Milk Thanksgiving Croissant is a nice way to enjoy the holiday without having to make turkey or travel to another state.


It got a little dark in that last paragraph. The holidays are a dark time. That’s why there are special cookies! And milkshakes! Sugary treats help trick you into feeling good! The Milk Bar Lab is consistently pumping out seasonal treats. On the day we visited we enjoyed a Peanut Butter Pretzel cookie and a Pumpkin Dulce de Leche MilkQuake. The Peanut Butter Pretzel cookie is not currently available (seasonal treats, remember?) but this week they added their Fruity Cereal Soft Serve, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Milk Bar.


The Milk Bar Flagship in Logan Circle is designed to make you feel good. If you need a cookie to feel good, that’s OK, get that cookie. If you want to send a cookie to make someone else feel good, that’s even better. You can do that too. I’ll be skipping the cookies. I’ll be sticking with the Thanksgiving Croissant. Oh, I love turkey on Thanksgiving.