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Earlier today, my friend Russ shared this NY Times piece titled “Quarantining With a Ghost? It’s Scary”. Obviously, I immediately clicked.

It’s no secret that 1. I totally believe in ghosts, and 2. in an ideal world, people would just sit around telling me spooky stories all day long. In fact, I fully exploit the approach of Halloween each year to force bands and other people I interview for BYT purposes to share their own tales of hauntings ‘n happenings. (Prime example: when I interviewed the Irwins and asked them if they believe in ghost animals.) October the one month of the year I know I can legally get away with asking strangers about the paranormal, although there is a loophole where, after several drinks, I am allowed to shoehorn the topic into casual conversation. (Catch me at your party trying to talk to strangers about the afterlife. It’s a thing.)

So, it comes as no surprise to me to hear that people are quarantining with spectral entities, which, to be honest, sounds like my worst nightmare. You might be saying to yourself, “But you JUST told us you love ghost stories!” to which I reply, “Yeah, OTHER people’s ghost stories! I don’t wanna live that life!” Example: I went on a New England road trip with my mom this summer, and when she wanted to stay in an old jail turned B&B in Providence, Rhode Island, I said HELL NO. I would honestly rather sleep in a garbage can than have to endure even a few hours trapped in the presence of a ghost, let alone spend an entire shelter-in-place situation coexisting with one.

Fortunately for me, the only bumps in the night at my apartment are the sounds of wailing sirens and honking horns, and also my dumbass upstairs neighbors who stay up until 3am getting rip roaring drunk. These things are annoying, but not beyond the grave. I can cope with things that are not beyond the grave.

But what about you? Are you so lucky? Or do you have a flippin’ spirit(s) in your home during a pandemic?! Did you know they were there before Covid-19 fucked everything up, or are they a recent discovery? Are ghosts worse during quarantine than during regularly scheduled programming? I genuinely want to hear all about it, so if you have stories, can you please email [email protected] and we can have a chat to share with the BYT audience? I know I am not the only ghoulie, and I think people would be v. interested to hear about a haunting or two.

Here’s hoping you indulge me, and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


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