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If you haven’t heard yet (as in, you’re a girl) they’re making a live action GI Joe movie.  Even though I was a pretty avid collector of the toys in the 80’s, I remember discussing with my best friend on a regular basis how I thought the Transformers and He-Man cartoons were way more realistic (?).  And well, I don’t think it’s coming out till like Aug 2009 or something, and it’s directed by Stephen Sommers, who brought us such gems as Van Helsing and The Mummy Returns, but still, the little boy inside of me (and outside of me) is pretty excited.  And look, I just found some photos!


Scarlett!  Hm.  I liked her original 70’s style outfit better, plus a crossbow is way hotter:


Next up:


Duke!  I think.  Um.  Ok.


Some hot girl!


The black guy!


Dennis Quaid as Hawk!  Rad!


Probably my fav Joe ever – Snake Eyes – played by Ray Parks, the guy who was Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: Jar-Jar Bink’s Jungle Adventure.  He looks pretty seriously bad assical.  Yikes!


Storm Shadow and The Baroness.   I think Storm Shadow looks super rad in his white trenchcoat and fingerless gloves.  I really want that trenchcoat.  Baroness has potential, except, where are her nerdy librarian glasses?  She is the reason I love nerdy girls to this day.  Bring back the glasses pleeeeeease.

Other baddies that are slated to appear: Destro, Cobra Commander, and my favorite: Zartan.  Fucker changed color in sunlight and came with a green scootermobile and a box!!(?)


Phew.  Ok.  I’m all geeked out, enjoy your weekend!