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all photos by Shauna Alexander (+ Dakota and Josh Sisk party snaps)

I was going to start this post telling you all about what Artisphere is. How it’s not just a museum, or a performance space, or an educational center, or a theater, or an artsy cafe, but rather all of those things wrapped neatly in a super-deluxe-domed package.

Then I was going to draw some grand analogy for you — something along the lines of: just as art lies between the artists’ intention and the viewer’s interpretation, Artisphere presents a variety of options that patrons can use in any way they choose.


And then I would have taken it a step further – tell you how art makes us happy and sad and joyful and confused and sometimes hungry or even horny.

So too will BURST, the massive party Brightest Young Things and the Pink Line Project are throwing in celebration of Artisphere’s opening this Saturday.

Because sometimes art makes us… well… BURST with emotion! Get it?!

I was going to tell you how for a bargain 20 bucks you get probably the best thing we’ve ever done (and we’ve done some pretty cool stuff):

  • FREE SHUTTLES TO AND FROM DUPONT (other transport options include: the space is RIGHT across from the Key Bridge (so walkable from Georgetown), an $8 cab ride from Dupont, a spit from the Rosslyn metro (orange & blue lines) AND in case you’re driving, there IS free parking in the building)
  • and the OPEN wine and PBR BAR and all the free vitaminwater and coke your heart desires (for those of you that prefer to hydrate during dancing)
  • it IS all ages (in which case it is an open vitaminwater and coke bar)
  • DJ’s DEEP SUGAR (feat. ULTRA NATE!) AND CHRIS BURNS in what is bound to be the best dance night you ever went to in DC ever (or probably this fall for sure)

Let me repeat that: BAJILLIONS OF BALLOONS. BAJILLIONS. So many balloons, in fact, that we should let you know that these balloon sculptures are starting to be built in the space RIGHT NOW so that they’re ready for their one-night-only appearance on Saturday and that TLC will be filming the event. And come on, we know you, we know you (not so) secretly want to be filmed for national television while surrounded by bajillions of balloons.

And if you don’t trust us I was going to point you in the direction of other people who seem super jazzed about it: TBD.com, Washington Post’s Going Out Gurus, and a slate of other publications….

But really, it’s just so obvious that you should just come. See you Saturday! Tell all your friends! Get your cheap, 20 bucks all-inclusive tickets here.

cue the photos we just took of the excited Artisphere interns:

SA.BYT.Burst-0473SA.BYT.Burst-0473 SA.BYT.Burst-0476 SA.BYT.Burst-0362 SA.BYT.Burst-0512 SA.BYT.Burst-0353 SA.BYT.Burst-0433 SA.BYT.Burst-0459