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While Mondays seem like a dead sea in terms of show attendance, every once in a while it is time to make an exception. And considering that the mighty School of Language is arriving to DC9 all the way from England, you should probably make the effort.

For the uninitiated this (super)group consist of David Brewis of Field Music, Ryan Rapsys of Euphone, and Doug McCombs of Tortoise and just released “Sea from Shore” on ThrillJockey (home of Fiery Furnaces, Califone, Trans Am and numerous other (weird) bands you love…) and has been all over the blogosphere ever since

The deliciously weird record is bookended by “Rockist” singles (four of them, described by the band as “a series of daydreams on words”) of which we bring you the video for #1 single, involving an audition process, layers of vowels on top of luscious bass and an almost old fashioned pop melody, if you just look for it hard enough.

The label kindly allowed us to stream a few more songs so we picked:

“Disappointment ’99” which features band’s friend and Futurehead David Craig on vocals and kills all the possible new wave hopes you may have had in it.

and the particularly ambitiously arranged
“This Is No Fun” which is as insane as a song you’ll hear this week (or month)



and be there Monday