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This Friday, April 12, we celebrate Yuri’s Night the only way we know how: Space Oddity: Ground Control To Major Party @ National Air and Space Museum, an out of this world venue for this intergalactic party! Spacerun, not walk, to grab your tickets now because WE ONLY HAVE A HANDFUL OF TICKETS LEFT.

To get everyone in the mood for Friday’s party we’ve put together a special edition of the Brightest Young Things Office Mix. We’re celebrating a few things at this party including the first man in space, and the 50th anniversary of David Bowie’s David Bowie (the album with Space Oddity on it), so of course we had to throw a few Bowie tracks on there, but we also want you to get excited for our headlining DJ’s Autograf, whom, according to our interview with them are “… working on a couple edits to play for it that are David Bowie songs”, which should be pretty amazing.

Click HERE to listen to the full playlist, but we’ve outlined a FEW HIGHLIGHTS below.

~~Also~~ need outfit inspiration? Check out our David Bowie Drag Supergroup preview shoot here.

“Gravity” by Autograf ft French Horn Rebellion [Flyboy Remix]
So fitting, that our headliner has a single called “Gravity,” right? It is truly one of the reasons we booked them, we’ve been into Autograf for awhile, saw “Gravity” come out and was like this fits, let’s do it.

“Space Oddity”  by David Bowie
Obviously. But you came here to listen to some Bowie tunes, so here you go.

“Spaceship” by Galantis (MOTi Remix)
“HEY, I FOUND A SPACESHIP!” is something that you can say upon entering NASM. 3,2,1, let’s dance.

“NASA” by Ariana Grande
Okay so we’re not sure how this happened but NASA is v v cool now (maybe people all saw how awesome the James Webb Space Telescope looks?) there’s a whole section of Forever 21 dedicated to NASA gear.

“Rapture” by Koffee
For those of you who are still waiting to be blasted into space one idle Wednesday.

“You Might Be” by Autograf
This is my personal favorite Autograf tune, give it a listen.

“STARGAZING” by Travis Scott
Astroworld was MADE for this party (although we asked NASA what ASTROTHUNDER is and are still waiting to hear back…)

“Nobody Knows” by Autograf
Because NOBODY KNOWS what space-y magic will happen on Friday (well we have a pretty good idea) it’s going to be a great time.

Mission accomplished, see everyone Friday!