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Another season is here, and with that, another completely free and incredibly fun BYT book swap! We snagged some fun winter romances and some grisly winter murder mysteries and hopefully the rest of you did too! The very cheap happy hour drinks at The Phillips Collection definitely made us take more books than we brought. It’s a good kind of problem.

Scroll down for some great pictures of some great books (and even better people) and keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of the BYT book swap! It will always be free and it will always be a blast.

Huge thanks to The Phillips Collection for hosting us this time (and for being one of our favorite museums in the whole city). Go back soon and often. Their permanent collection is a true gem.

“I brought One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and One for the Money by Janet Evanovich… That’s a fun little series. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that [The Woman In Cabin 10] is pretty good. I think I’ve seen it a couple places and [The Daughter] was also on the table and it looked good. I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries lately.”

“This is about fundraising and the other book [I’m taking] is about consulting. I’m an organizer and I’m into politics. In, probably, the next two years I plan to open up a consulting firm.”

“I brought mostly fiction and I came for some cozy fiction, and then I grabbed two YA’s for my daughter because who doesn’t love an easy read? This is my son.”

“I brought non-fiction and I got, on recommendation, Skippy Dies by Paul Murray. I got the recommendation and I’m very happy with it.”

“I brought a couple books from when I was getting my masters in women’s studies. I was done with it, so I thought some other people could have them. I’m picking up a lot of feminist books and then a lot of autobiographies as well.”