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Last night, Remezcla posted about how RBD was back with the band’s first song in 12 years. If you’re going, “Who?” then clearly you weren’t as obsessed with Rebelde as I was c. 2005; the show (which aired on Univision weekday afternoons at 3pm ET) was akin to a Latinx version of Degrassi (if Degrassi had school uniforms and slightly more instances of kidnapping and revenge), and it effectively birthed a wildly popular IRL band from a fictional one – RBD.

The original formation was comprised of Mía (Anahí), Roberta (Dulce María), Miguel (Alfonso Herrera), Diego (Christopher von Uckermann), Giovanni (Christian Chávez) and Lupita (Maite Perroni), but now the configuration lives on with just Perroni, von Uckermann, Chávez and Anahí. (Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera apparently had better, cooler things to do.)

While I can still sing a fair portion of the band’s OG catalog by heart, and I will remain a nostalgic fan, I can’t say I’m especially jazzed by the revival; maybe it’s because I’m 32 years old, and have had slightly more time to discover better Spanish language pop in the past 15+ years, but an incomplete reunion combined with what I feel is a bit of a yawn dot com new tune has colored me underwhelmed.

What I want is a Citrus/c3Q’s reboot. 

Even if you’re familiar with Rebelde, you might be scratching your head going, “Who?” again. That’s a little more understandable, because this particular musical act entered the universe for but a brief moment (in this episode), a shooting star across the Elite Way School sky. Citrus (aka c3Q’s) was a trio made up of Jóse Luján (Zoraida Gómez), Vico (Angelique Boyer) and Celina (Estefanía Villarreal). And while their stardom was short-lived, they. were. QUEENS.

First of all, let’s talk about the fact that they are referred to by TWO band names – 1. Citrus, and 2. c3Q’s. Combine this information with the fact that they only ever produced ONE SONG, and that is like…next level mic drop.

And no offense, but the aforementioned singular track IS A BOP. Seriously, “No Me Importa” deserved (and still deserves) way more airplay than like, goddamn “Este Corazón”. Does it not feel like a precursor to María Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser??? (Tell me you don’t get “Pobre Estupida” vibes?!)

Why did we not get behind their sustained success??? Slash can we change the course of history and demand a re-do in 2020? It appears that Estefanía and Angelique still hang out with Karla Cossío (who played Pilar in the show), so maybe we can get Karla to sign on as the new Zoraida? (Not as good as a proper reunion, but at least semi feasible!)

Y’all, if you’re reading this, please consider making this a reality! If RBD can do it, Citrus/c3Q’s can too!