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‘Dirty Snow’ would have been an apt theme for this month’s RAW event at the Green Lantern on Friday. The first true night of the Snowpocalypse (although we prefer SNOokie 2010, or simply “The Situation”) virtually shut down gay nightlife the city except for this monthly event.

February RAW-155 

RAW has quickly become one of the more innovative events in Washington’s gay nightlife.  Shea Van Horn and Bil Todd kept the mood joyously dark with steady beat of dirty disco while fellow host Karl Jones helped to keep a full house of patrons writhing under the flickering light of video screens and a fan of lasers.  Always offering a new experience, RAW for the first time featured a series of go-go dancers clad in leather chaps and glam make-up and one willing individual who entertained the crowd by being tied up over their heads.

February RAW-57

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RAW succeeds by attracting and pushing its patrons to try something new.  It acts as a leather party for those not usually into leather, a 1970s underground club scene for those born in the 1980s and a cruise scene for those who have never even ventured near a bathhouse.  At RAW, a kid in a leather vest melds without problem next to a man in a button-up oxford shirt.  That experience is why the party successfully employs edge without any hint of pretension.  Not only is it a welcoming environment for all, but it is a fun one.  That is what keeps us going back for RAW.

The next RAW is Friday, March 5th at the Green Lantern.  Check out the RAW website for their RAW SHIT offering new give-aways (free tracks, sexy photos) every day at www.RAWdc.com

You can also follow the RAW boys on Twitter at twitter.com/WeAreRAWdc

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