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The best part of going to the RAMMY’s (annual awards for the Restaurant Association for Metropolitan Washington) on Sunday wasn’t all the food, wine or custom cocktails. It wasn’t getting to see all your favorite chefs all dolled up dancing to a cover band singing Black-Eyed Peas Songs, and it wasn’t the large assortment of kilts, long dresses, pinned-up hair and gorgeous men in suits. It was seeing all our favorite BYT write-ups winning awards!

A more complete RAMMY’s write up is coming soon, but in the meantime, check out some of the winners, as we’ve already covered them.

  • Bourbon Steak won awards for “Best Restaurant Staffer” Adolfo Cajchon and “Best Manager” Mark Politzer. But back in September, we were loving on their Thursday night Bourbon and Blues events.

More RAMMY’s coverage coming later this week. For now, we need to sleep it off.