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This Friday, we kick pride weekend off with Capital Pride & BYT present RAINBOW RESISTANCE: The Glampire Strikes Back. And this year, we’re holding our party at an even bigger and NEW warehouse location. It’s a massive space for our entire community to dance in. As always there is no dress code, but we encourage you to take inspiration from the rainbow and from rebels throughout history and art.

One thing: don’t resist buying your tickets. We say this every year, but WE ALWAYS SELL OUT. So, grab. those. tickets now. We’ve got an outdoor dance floor, a giant stage, more (and more) bars, and spectacular entertainment. This party is so magical that Big Freedia chose to shoot a music video at it.

Rising Up from the Underground

LGBT people have been driven underground by societies throughout history. Intended to be forgotten once swept underneath, we instead used those underground places to form for ourselves community, language, subcultures, and camp. The underground gave us James Baldwin and John Waters. In the underground we sang torch songs and walked ballrooms. We developed drag. We learned our T. We found ourselves in the life. From the underground we invaded the Pines, raced in high heels, played on Poodle Beach, and danced at Dinah Shore.

The underground was designed to keep us hidden, but we found a way for it to make us shine. Pride celebrations are meant to mark our emergence from the underground. They serve to remind the world of the variation of the human spectrum. Within the queer community, that spectrum shines through the prism of millions of experiences. No one group speaks for all of us. No one hue of our spectrum tells our story. As we rise from the underground, we must all shine together. We aren’t just single points of light. We are mean’t to be a rainbow.



Croosh Deets
Early bird tickets early bird tickets sold out!
Special Advance tickets on sale now
Ticket price goes up soon!
(Last 6 years we sold out)

This is a 21+ event

Our NEW Rainbow Resistance Warehouse Complex Dancespace
(1585 New York Avenue, NE)
Free parking (first come first serve) – Free shuttle service (details to come)


Ultra Nate



Our DJs

Will Eastman, Lemz, Rosie

Our DJs

Special Performances by

Pussy Noir


Marquis Clanton

Abbi Kadabra

As always there is no dress code, but we recommend staying on theme:
Rainbow Brite / Xena Warrior Princess / Care Bears
Mad Max / French Resistance / Frida Khalo / Unicorns
Glitter / Glampers / The Rainbow Vomit Snapchat Filter / Darlene Conner
John Waters / Maxine Waters / Joan of Arc
Star Wars (we’re going as sexy John Williams)
Jockstrap (it’s a costume) / Sprites / Magical Ponies
Any space or SciFi movie ever (because they’re all about rebels)
Golden Girls / Reading Rainbow / Julia Sugarbaker
Lisa Frank / Richard Simmons (RIP…maybe? #staystrong)

TICKETS: Grab them Now

This is an LGBTA friendly event
ASL Interpretation/Chair friendly. Additional accommodations available.



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