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To those who follow the BYT cocktail stories, Rachel Sergi (formerly of Bourbon and now in charge of Jack Rose’s bars) is like an old friend. After all, she is the lady that made our official Summer punch (appropriately entitled God of Thunder), introduced us to those delicious alcoholic sno-cones, is behind one of our favorite Rickey’s this season and so much more.

With Rachel having a busy week ahead of her- she is guest cocktail mixing/bartending @ the infamous Spirits in Black tomorrow night at American Ice Co. (have you not been yet? you need to go) AND slinging those alcoholic sno-cones @ our SUMMER PICNIC SPECTACULAR at Union Market (have you gotten your tickets yet? you need to go) – we figured it is a perfect opportunity to have her do a (long overdue) drink diary.

So-here it is-a week of high quality imbibing, by someone who knows good imbibing when she sees it. Plus, a WHOLE LOT OF LONG ISLAND ICE TEAS (LITs) – taste tested.

Wednesday, July 5, 2012:

This is the day after Independence Day. No recollection, as I am writing this after the fact. Knowing myself, I had water with bubbles and iced tea (with Splenda)…that is all.

Thursday, July 6, 2012:

Hello, Friday. Work. No Drink. Later. Coors Light. Fernet. Hourly.

Friday, July 7, 2012:

Had to wake up. Work. No Drink. Later. Coors Light. Fernet.

Saturday, July 8, 2012:

Had a long, tall glass of water around 1pm. Think that having a city wide (even VA) Long Island Iced Tea challenge would be a great idea for today. This is where the LIT challenge begins. Met up with SeanMike Whipkey at The Passenger…a beautiful start to a beautiful day/night? I ordered an LIT (way before I thought of food). I should probably think about that before my next stop.What IS gonna be my next stop? Hmm. Okay, back to food. Oh, wait! Back to LIT critique. It is REALLY superdelicious. Got an order of fried chicken and waffles. I hate waffles, so I asked for grits instead. Jade Aldrighette and Julia Hurst just showed up. Yay, LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) ladies!!! While drinking this lovely LIT, found out that Ernest Borgnine died. Aw, man. He was in one of my Top 5 movies of all time, ‘Marty’. Fuck. That. Sucks.

Food was a smart move. Speaking of “moves”, where am I off to next? I need a Fernet (for digestion, natch).

Next stop…BRIXTON. I commandeer my friends Mick Perrigo and his charming galpal, Sam, in to meeting me at Brixton. As I near the entrance, they coming prancing down U Street toward me. Today just got a whole lot better. After many hellos to friends, I alight to the rooftop. One LIT, please. Hmm. An LIT made in the smallest glass known to man. Also, not refreshing. LITs should be deliciously refreshing. Not. So. Much. Here is to wishful thinking. So I ordered another, from a different bartender. Same. Brief chat about bath salts and we are OUT. Next stop…

So, neon lights made us FOCUS our sights upon PURE Lounge. Doorman was nice. We went in and ordered one LIT for me and one Remy for Mick. Ty, our bartender, is a sweetheart. LIT was in a plastic cup and did not have enough ice. Did a complimentary shooter with her and got the fuck out.

Crossed U Street and went to Lost Society’s rooftop. My former bouncer from State of the Union, Nightmare, was working. Haven’t seen that ‘bama in years. Sage was our bartender and very nice. LIT…not so nice. It was WAY too sweet. Mick, Sam and myself had a conversation with a gent about the merits of a well balanced LIT. We were all in agreement that is needs more tang than sweet. OK, off to the next…

Blackbyrd. One LIT by our bartender, Arturo. He was a doll. LIT was not bad. It was in a pint glass and the most refreshing, after Passenger’s.

Holy Crap!!!! Just remembered it is Caleb’s birthday celebration at Bourbon. Okay, all bets are off at this point. I tell Mick and Sam that we must have an LIT at Black Cat before heading to Bourbon. I LOVE their LITS. Just ask Gina Chersevani. She drinks them there with me. It proves to be stellar. Mick drops a shot of Rose’s Lime juice into my purse. To quote my boy, Alex…FAIL.

Bourbon it is. So, no one would make me an LIT. Jackoffs. I had to make my own. It was AWESOME!!! Just ask Sam Haltiwanger. He tasted it. This is where the wheels fell off. Had dr4unken conversations with Tittyballs, Joey and Fran. Went to the DINER. That’s what my diary says. Apparently, I had a Croque Monsieur and wrote about it. Cab.

Monday, June 9, 2012 (wait, it is really July, but my Drunk Diary says June)

Woke up in a drunken panic at 11:30am. What am I supposed to do today? What day is it? Why are my clothes still on? Call UBER right now. Brush teeth, hair. Throw on cute outfit to make myself feel better. I forgot to drink water. This is going to hurt.

Arrived at Jack Rose (work) for a Rickey photoshoot. Immediately had a New Belgium Lips of Faith beer to ease the pain. Help.

3pm went to El Tamarindo with Patrick Owens to discuss world domination and the drinks we are going to make for Spirits in Black(out). Had a Tecate (pronounced tuh-kate).

Time traveled to Virginia with my GBF, Adam. Went to Brabo to have a LIT from badass bartender, Alex Strange. This one is the best, so far. Also had a Skankity Light Lager. It was good. The lady next to me was choking and her “friend” just kept asking her inane questions. Enter piercing noise. She lived.

9:53pm Alex gets off work and we all go to Hard Times Café for LITs. Blech. Tastes like bile, but we powered through. I forgot to tag my friends on FB. Will try to remember to do that later. Oh, points for bendy straw with the LIT, but that is about it.

10:03pm Next stop Virtue Feed & Grain. Went in to see Brent Davis for his LIT. Eff. He had left early. Dang. Sqrlz made us his LIT along with a regular one and a steroid one. The regular one was rockstar quality. The others were good, but not winning material. I think there was lots of “Call Me Maybe” singing going on at this point. Everything tastes better with Fernet. We had lots of those.

Sometime later…went to Passenger. The object of this game is to find the best LIT, so after having a stellar one from Virtue, thought it would be the right time to retry theirs. At this hour and level of sobriety? Sure. FOCUS.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Had sparkling water, cuz I love it and went to work. It is 11:30am. We were supposed to have a Macallan and Highland Park training class for all employees today, but the trainer got canned. Poor thing. So, no training. Instead, went to lunch at Lauriol Plaza with my bartender, Amy Russell. I had a frozen margarita while she had a pitcher of sangria, with a straw in it. What? FOCUS. I come back to work, belly full, and set up the bar. Worked all night and had a ball. Afterwards, beer and Fernet. There is always Fernet. Sleep.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It is my receiving/admin day at Jack Rose, so I did that. Fun. Was supposed to leave work and go to Toki Underground with Alex Strange. So hungry and jonesing for their noodles. He gets “lost” and doesn’t show. Bastardo. Sam Haltiwanger is sitting at my bar and says, “well, let’s go out”. YES is my middle name, so we went to The Queen Vic on H Street, NE. Had a Wells Bombardier and a shot of Powers. Lots of cigarettes later, Alex shows up with Damian (soul sucker). They were at a tittybar. That’s fine. I understand now. Alex orders Fernet. Ryan laughs and calls him a pussy. Alex orders a shot of Ardbeg. I question this aloud. He mans up and does it…never to do it again. I am gonna need for you to FOCUS is the battle cry this evening. Chris Martino showed up and brought the dance party. One more Bombardier. Lights out.