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Are you that person who always shows up to parties and totally underwhelms snack-wise? Well, if you’re planning to get together with friends to watch the Game of Thrones season finale this Sunday, I’m here to make sure that people start to respect you more. If you’re going, “What do you mean?! I don’t want to cook anything, Megan!” then I’m going, “OBVIOUSLY you don’t want to cook! You’re an underwhelmer, PLUS you’re super hungover and/or incapable!”

Don’t worry; you can still stick to your slacker ways, we’re just going to spruce them up a bit. Literally all you have to do is pick up a prepared food item at the grocery store (or in the back of your pantry, whatever works) and associate it with a Game of Thrones character. It doesn’t matter how underwhelming the snack food item may seem at face value, because the clever name will make everyone think you took a lot of time and effort to be fun and creative. With all the time you’ll save, you can spend the entire day doing absolutely nothing! It’s great! Here are some examples in case you REALLY don’t want to put in any effort:






SEE?! So easy. You will be the life of the party, which is important considering *SPOILER ALERT* like 99% of the Stark family is dead now. Got any other ideas? Send ’em our way in the comments and/or on Twitter!