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That said, the LGBTQ+ community has REALLY stepped up during the pandemic lockdown to bring us all quality stay-at-home programming. And we’re gonna talk about that RIGHT NOW! (Clearly this is not an exhaustive list, and one of our best tips is for you to follow your favorite queer personalities on socials for all of ye olde updates. We also plan to refresh this list as time goes on, and if YOU have any queer or queer-leaning programming you’d like us to include, please do shout us out!)

From BYT…

Obviously we’re gonna plug our very own QuaranQueens (and QuaranKings) series on IG live first; we’ve already had some incredible guests on, and this week the magic continues with:

Wednesday 4/8, 5pm – BYTLive: QuaranQueen with House of Sonique

Join one of our favorite local drag house mothers Chazmen for a special House of Sonique edition of QuaranQueen! Last week Chaz took us through an incredible creative process, who knows what this week will hold but we know it will be fantastic and gorgeous (as is everything House of Sonique does).  Support Chaz here.

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Thursday 4/9, 7:30pm – QuaranQueen: “Ruth Reads the Classics”

Join Queen Ruth Allen Ginsburg as she reads us a wonderful bedtime story. Grab a pillow, some snacks, and snuggle up with your phone. Support Ruth here.

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Check out all of this week’s programming here, and follow us on IG!

Aside from BYT…

While we’re on the subject of drag, Digital Drag Fest 2020 is in full swing! Programming kicked off March 27th and is set to run all the way through until April 30th, so you’ve still got a few weeks of goodness left ahead; each 30-minute performance will feature singing, cooking, comedy…you name it! While shows (which do have capacities, and do sell out!) are ticketed, they start at a reasonable $10 per household. Check out the full lineup here.



And even though we can practically see Brooklyn’s Rosemont out our goddamn window right now, OOPS (which usually hosts a show there on Wednesdays) will be taking the drag vibes digital for now; tune in Wednesdays at 10pm ET on IG, and remember to support via Venmo!


Meanwhile, them. has been hosting another virtual festival on IG focusing on music and the arts ft. live performances and conversations with some fantastic queer creators! So far themfest has featured Cameron Esposito, Dewayne Perkins, Carlie Hanson, Devonn Francis, Isaac Dunbar, Texas Isaiah, Andy Baraghani, Serena Tea, Jake Cohen, PVRIS, Michael Chakraverty and Princess Nokia, and programming will continue today at 4pm ET with the one and only Miz Cracker! Tune in, and stay tuned for daily guest announcements here.


And while Barcelona-based MARICXS usually conjures images of real good IRL LGBTQ+ dance parties, they’ve lined up some A+ programming while the pandemic rains on our parade; in addition to live-streamed DJ sets and mixes you can groove to from your living room, House of Maricas’ The Art of Staying Home is bringing live cooking, yoga, tarot, readings, talks and everything in between to our screens on the daily. Much of it will be in English (or will require no words at all), but mega-bonus if you speak Spanish!


Another spot that typically makes you think of real good IRL LGBTQ+-friendly dance parties is Brooklyn’s own Nowadays; they’re helping us weather the storm with nightly 8pm ET to 12am ET streams (ft. DJ sets and the occasional skill share) until they can reopen. Free to tune in, but do consider making a donation to help one of our favorite queer-geared venues stay afloat during this difficult time! Check out the full lineup here.


Toronto-based Club Quarantine is keepin’ your dance vibes virtually queer every night from 9pm ET (except Saturdays, when things kick off earlier at 6pm ET!); Zoom codes released on the daily, be sure to get in there!


And London-based Queer House Party goes live Fridays at 4pm ET (9pm for the English lads) for all your queer bop needs! Feel free to crack a cocktail, but be discreet about it and decant if you choose to imbibe; they’re trying to make this a safe space for everyone, sober friends included!

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THIS FRIDAY’S EVENT IS LIVE AND IN OUR BIO. Ft. @lynksafrikka, @harry_gay__, @schneren and @passerdj 💕🔥💎🏳️‍🌈🚨👇 Queer House Party, steaming live from our living room to yours. Every Friday 🏳️‍🌈✊💦. . Join resident Glamtifa and Queer House Party DJs Harry Gay Wacha, and Passer who will be bringing you queer bops, throwback pop, house bangers n techno clangers streaming LIVE directly into your front room. . We’re also going have EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST Lynks Afrikka popping in to see us! . The online chat will be hosted by the legendary Liv Wynter. Give them a nudge to let them know that you want your video to be shared. Give them a message if you want to request a song or a shout out! . 🧐HOW DOES THE QUEER HOUSE PARTY WORK?! . ✅Just before we go live we’ll send out a link that will put you straight into the party. . 💃 You can choose to share your video and dance along or just watch everyone else partying. You can also chat with other party guests in the main thread or privately. . 💕This is free of charge but if you can, send us a lil' tip to keep the party going! paypal.me/harrygay xxx. . 💿Our DJs are 🔥 🔥 🔥 and our equipment is linked up to the streaming platform meaning that the sound quality is on point! . 💎we’ll be with you every Friday for as long as we’re all isolating and our DJs remain healthy. . ✨v big shout of to Dr J for helping us make this happen 💕💕. . 🍷 in solidarity with our sober friends, we are asking you to decant your drinks into cups and do not take any substances on camera. . Please respect one another; do not assume anyone’s gender, ask for pronouns if you are unsure. We do not accept prejudice based on religious beliefs, language ability, class or gender presentation. We do not tolerate ableism, ageism, body shaming, biphobia, fatphobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, transphobia or xenophobia. If we see anyone who is doing any of the above you will be removed from the stream and banned from Queer House Party. . We are new to this and still learning. At the last party the chat was momentarily invaded by racist bots and we’re working on ways to make this event safer. . See you there xxxx. . Artwork by @freddelanka xxxx

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If you miss posting up at the bar, Queer Digital Happy Hour is out here providing virtual space for “women, trans, nb and gnc folxs” with weekly programming! Expect plenty of chats, plus tunes ‘n comedy to boot. Grab tickets here.


To bone up on your queer history, look no further than Quarantini, “an LGBTQ+ book and movie club for the quarantine era.” Dr. Eric Cervini, a Harvard and Cambridge-trained historian of LGBTQ+ culture and politics, will be discussing all his favorites with us over on IG and FB Live.


Campaign for Southern Equality has also hopped on the virtual boat with its The Front Porch series! Today at 4pm they’ll take Queer Artist Meet-Up online for an electro-etching skill-share workshop and on Friday at 2pm ET they’ll host J. Chong Eats: A Cooking Show For These Times over Zoom; free to tune in, just RSVP for the webinar links.

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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Today we’re excited to announce the launch of The Front Porch: Virtual Gatherings for the #LGBTQSouth 💻🖥📱, a new initiative to support LGBTQ Southerners through the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual programming will include community support groups, skill-sharing and skill-building workshops, and presentations from practitioners in their fields. All members of the CSE community are invited to join, and all events are 100% free. We’ve got a different virtual webinar every day this week – check out all five, and RSVP to each one here (link in bio): www.southernequality.org/frontporch #LGBTSouth #COVID19 #virtualprogramming #cookingclass #resilience #healing #webinar #training #trainings #lgbtcommunity #lgbtqcommunity #gay #lesbian #southerners #transgender #trans #bisexual #supportgroup

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And one more super important mention for the coming days and weeks are remote/online 12 Step resources; here is a great list from The Center featuring websites, speaker tapes, hotlines and virtual LGBTQIA+ meetings. The Center is also hosting a virtual space on Mondays and Tuesdays where the queer community can come together for support. 

BYT makes our living off of things that are currently non-existent as a source of income (arts, events, arts and event advertising). If you’d like to support the work we do, click here. Every little helps right now. Thank you.