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Hi, ponies! This weekend sees the release of Jordan Peele’s new nightmare Us. The movie looks just as amazing as 2017’s Get Out, so we are super excited. While we are not watching Us, here are some other great things to do this weekend!

• March 21 & 28 – BYT Murder Club @ Suns Cinema – Lady Killers Edition – to celebrate both International Women’s Month and our undying love of murder mysteries we’re showing SistersAudition and Alice, Sweet Alice at our favorite place in town.

• March 20-24 (NEXT WEEK!): We’re bringing Death Becomes Us to New York City! Podcasts, screenings, book talks, Amanda Knox, the creators of Serial, John Douglas, Damien Echols, Paul Holes, and more will be sharing their expertise with us. Buy your tickets now! Festival passes are sold out but tickets remain for individual shows.

• April 12: Our first BIG  D.C. party of the year! Space Oddity – A Yuri’s Night After hours at the National Air and Space MuseumOpen bars, David Bowie Tributes, general amazing times. Tickets are going fast! Seriously, get them now.

• Spring is here! We published our massive DC Spring Concert Guide. A show a day will keep the doctor away? That’s not correct.

• We announced our favorite food event of the year: Dine-N-Dash!

• Speaking of annual food events, eat some brunch and win a pair of RAMMY tickets.

• Our Dream Jobs series continues with Hannah Oliver Depp of Loyalty Books.

• Drink highballs, eat sushi and party all night at Zeppelin.

• It’s the middle of March. Have Your Best March.

• RADIORADIORADIO: Listen to BYT radio! Hosted by Brandon Wetherbee, it streams every Thursday at noon. Listen liveSubscribe in iTunes.

 Get more D.C. queer nightlife info by connecting with us on Twitter at @BYGays.