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Hello and welcome back to another WEEKEND, Y’ALL! Lots happening the next couple of days that get our BYQueer stamp of approval INCLUDING but not limited to watch parties for the Oscars, drag fundraisers, the return of OOPS…I Did It Again at DC9 (hence the Britney GIF theme) and MORE!


ALERT ALERT ALERT we just announced Future Is Festival (happening March 26th-29th) and YES RHEA BUTCHER IS ON THE LINEUP THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Grab an all-access pass (ON SALE NOW) to Death Becomes Us, which is slated for November 2020!

Plus Bentzen Ball 2020 all-access passes are on sale! October’s a ways off, but we still vote you GET ‘EM NOW!

More announcements coming soon. Stay in the loop and follow us on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram + keep and eye out on Upcoming BYT Event tab. Use #BYThings too.


We repeat: FUTURE IS FESTIVAL IS GONNA RULE P. HARD // details here!

Want free tickets to see an advance screening of Downhill (ft. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell) next week? We got the hookup!

If you’re queer ‘n like beer, here are February’s Best Draft Picks!

Speaking of good February things, here’s why we think this month is gonna be amazing! (New La Roux? YES PLEASE!)

Up in NYC, meanwhile, we caught TORRES’ album release show last week! (Homegirl was real nervous and it was REAL CHARMING!)

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