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Hi Ponies! This Friday is Valentine’s Day a.k.a. The Feast of Saint Valentine a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day, which means you’re either looking to spend some quality time with the person or people you loveeee or hitting up your fellow single pals to drown your sorrows together and try to forget how alone you are. So, whether you’re having a fun night out with bae or celebrating singleness with your pals, this overpriced holiday is here to stay and we’ve got you covered with this week’s QBWB!

ALERT ALERT ALERT Incrediball: The Capital Pride Honors & Kick-Off Party is June 5th and we are V. PUMPED!

AND in case you didn’t know, we recently announced Future Is Festival (happening March 26th-29th) and YES RHEA BUTCHER IS ON THE LINEUP THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Grab an all-access pass (ON SALE NOW) to Death Becomes Us, which is slated for November 2020!

Plus Bentzen Ball 2020 all-access passes are on sale! October’s a ways off, but we still vote you GET ‘EM NOW!

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Here’s your guide to Direct Current at the Kennedy Center!

We are LIVING for cheerleading shows, thank you for asking!

Need last-minute date spot ideas for Valentine’s Day? Here’s our updated list of under the radar restaurants in DC!

Plus here’s a cute lil gift guide in case you’ve left your Valentine’s Day shopping ’til the last minute!

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