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Being cooped up against your wishes is not fun―I know. But it’s heartening to see the many ways people are spending their quarantine time with creativity and good humor. From the heart of the epidemic here in the states, here are the top five ways this Seattlite and her husband are making the most of a bad situation.


As public-facing journalists who travel for work, we’ve taken a hit from the cancellation of public events and travel this spring. On the other hand, we remain hard at work at home on upcoming seasons of The Truth About True Crime and various other journalism. We’re also proudly spreading the word about our most recent book: The Cardio Tesseract, a collection of love poems Chris and I have written to each other since our courtship days.

Arts & Crafts

Chris and I like to throw on an audiobook, podcast, or movie (last night it was Galaxy Quest) and get crafting. Activities like painting, sculpting, sewing, and hat-making allow us to exercise different creative muscles and continue feeling purposeful and productive after a long day of research, writing, and yet more coronavirus bad news.

Cat Cuddling

Loneliness is devastating and deadly. I’m heartened to see people reaching out and finding community online at this time, but what really helps me are my fur babies. To any who are so inclined I can’t recommend enough cat cuddles, and it’s kitten season… Or if you’re worried about making such a big commitment, consider fostering for your local animal shelter.

Spring Cleaning

When feeling helpless in the face of a deadly, invisible enemy, there’s something very empowering about decluttering and disinfecting your immediate environment. Not here, not today, coronavirus!


Chris is not just my partner in work, crafts, cat parenthood, and chores–he’s also my dance partner. When we’re feeling cooped up and need to get our wiggles out, we throw on some big band and lindy hop in our living room.


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