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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time. They all start with the letter ‘S’. In the parlance of Bob Ross, it’s a happy little accident.

Still Processing

One of my best and oldest friends turned me onto this podcast and now that I’ve fully tucked into it, I love her even more than I did before. Still Processing covers pop culture at large, taking a deep dive into movies, TV shows, art, celebrities and larger concepts like relationships and lies. The hosts Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham (who are both culture writers for the New York Times) bring a deeper analysis to the things you talk to your coworkers about everyday. Their most recent episode views Jordan Peele’s Us through the lens of Toni Morrisson’s Beloved and touches on topics like the history of black characters in horror, what it means to be an American and so much more. There are no spoilers for Us, but there are spoilers for Beloved, a book that came out in 1987.

Shock Waves

And speaking of horror movies, Shock Waves features four people deeply embedded in the horror industry, talking about their favorite scary movies and interviewing horror legends like Lin Shaye, Joe Bob Briggs and (surprise surprise) Jordan Peele. Whether you’re looking for movie recommendations or want to dive deep into the genre with in depth interviews and analysis, Shock Waves is a great place to start. They have a deep back catalogue including their old podcast Killer POV (they changed the name when they became the official podcast for Blumhouse). Check out one of my favorite episodes (it’s about extreme haunts! It makes me want to do dumb things!) below.

The Story Must Be Told

The less you know about this podcast, the better. Close your eyes and let it’s creepy, spooky, scary, horrifying, weird, delightful, sad, joyous short stories crawl into your ears.


I started listening to this podcast last week? Two weeks ago? And I’ve already made my way through most of the catalogue. As true crime becomes more and more mainstream, this is the side of the genre that fascinates me the most. Swindled‘s best episodes cover the crimes that affect us more deeply than serial killers and kidnappers, including corporate greed and political scandals. There are episodes about the Nestlé formula scandal (which was obviously way more than a scandal) and environmental disasters, but the story that sticks with me the most is a breakdown of tort reform illustrated through the famous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit. It’s going to make your day worse!


To leave you with something a little lighter, Sawbones is a medical history podcast hosted by husband and wife duo Sydnee and Justin McElroy (who you may know from My Brother, My Brother and Me). Sydnee’s deep medical knowledge (she’s a real life doctor!) and Justin’s lovely goofs mean all of the episodes are lighthearted and jam packed with interesting facts. This podcast will make you seem cooler at parties… Or at the very least, you will be the person at the party who has a lot of fun facts about goiter (or raw water or Legionnaire’s disease). I’ve dropped my favorite episode below. Please don’t eat tide pods.