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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time.

10 Things That Scare Me

Sometimes it’s nice to have lil short podcasts to throw on in between the 60-120 minute deep dives that soundtrack our choretimes and commutes. Your typical ep of 10 Things That Scare Me averages at around 8 minutes, featuring people from all different walks of life opening up about their hopes and fears. They rope in congressmen, rock stars, podcast hosts, and listeners like you to get vulnerable, over some very interesting and original sound design.

Field Work

Podcasts give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in wings of subcultures previously unexplored, offering perspectives from folks fully outside of your sphere of experience. NPR’s Field Work is one such show, hosted by a pair of commercial row-crop farmers, discussing the difficulties of sustainable, responsible agriculture in a way that’s accessible to the layperson but still full of wild new information about a world that impacts your life in countless ways.

This Is Love

The team behind the masterful true crime series Criminal have another show that’s just as good (and not as morbid), called This Is Love. The show takes a similarly careful, deliberate approach to a topic as complex and beguiling as their main series, with results that are both heartwarming and eye opening.

Bad With Money

Writer/comedian/activist Gaby Dunn isn’t always great at managing her finances. Instead of feeling defeated, she did what any smart content creator would do, she started a podcast to talk about it! Bad With Money takes a radical stance while exploring the root causes and potential solutions to a variety of financial issues both large and small, as explained by guests from the worlds of finance, politics, activism, and beyond.

Pizza City

Chicago-based food writer Steve Dolinsky is an authority on all things pizza. His new-ish podcast Pizza City features conversations with pizza industry people from around the country, talking shop with shop owners, chefs, and pizza lovers about their shared passion. Recent guests include pizza royalty like Frank Tuttolomondo from legendary Manhattan shop Mama’s Too! and Montreal-based artisanal pie icon Michele Forgione.

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