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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time that are specifically queer-geared, ’cause PRIDE IS FAST-APPROACHING! Speaking of which, the countdown to BYT’s annual Pride party (get your tickets now) continues! On May 31st (JUST A WEEK AWAY) we’ll be taking over the most beautiful courtyard in D.C. alongside Aquaria, who you 100% know from the Met Gala and Drag Race and, you know, every social media platform of all time. The tunes are gonna be fire, there’ll be an open bar dot com (OPEN BAR DOT COM) for all your imbibing needs, plus the theme is NYE, meaning LEWKS. SMOOCHIN’. ETC. So get ready for all of that, and while you’re getting ready, put these podcasts in your ears:

Come Out, Come Out

This remains one of my favorite all-time LGBTQ+ podcasts, mainly because Mo Welch is one of my favorite all-time LGBTQ+ humans! While it looks like it may be on a permanent hiatus, it’s still worth going back and listening to all thirteen episodes; each features a different guest, and they just talk about that person’s coming out story at length. I vote you start at the beginning w/ the very funny Ever Mainard and go from there:

Dyking Out

I feel like I’ve totally shouted this one out in some capacity before, but maybe not in this particular column? Either way, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT IT! The show is hosted by Sarah York and Carolyn Bergier, and it covers a gigantic range of LGBTQ+ topics (often queer female geared, but totally for everyone) with new guests each time. Get a sample via the latest episode, Gay In High School, in which they speak with comedian Sarah Wu! And if you’re in NYC this weekend, catch Dyking Out Live at Stonewall on Monday; pre-sale tickets are sold out, but there will be a few available at ye olde door.


If you like tunes ‘n you like LGBTQ+ culture, then HOMOGROUND is right up your street! Host Maia Macdonald (Kid in the Attic) speaks with queer musicians about all sorts of stuff, and each episode is a true gem. Here’s the most recent one w/ the one and only Emily Wells:

Food 4 Thot

Hosted by Dennis Norris II, Joseph Osmundson, Tommy Pico and Fran Tirado, this one features a multiracial mix of queer writers talking about sex, relationships, race, identity, who and what they like to read and more! VERY HERE FOR IT! They’re on a break for the moment, but there are sixty-six episodes available for you to peruse, which should keep you busy enough!

Queery w/ Cameron Esposito

I mean, there’s a very real chance this one is on your radar, but it merits shouting out anyhow! Tons of different topics covered each episode w/ a new LGBTQ+ guest each time, all super entertaining, though let’s be real – Cameron could have on a piece of Styrofoam and it would still be p. great. Here’s one of my most favorite recent episodes w/ Northern Irish musician SOAK:

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