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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

Last week’s episode of this new, star-studded show ranked the top 10 women of all time with the help of RuPaul. Happy International Women’s Day! -Brandon Wetherbee

Judge John Hodgman

Speaking of RuPaul, last night’s episode of Drag Race featured a look that made some judges think of Frozen. Which helped me remember the best episode of Judge John Hodgman, “Do You Want to Hoard Some Snowglobes?” Since each episode of JJHo is guest dependent, special snowflakes like this couple stand out. It’s an excellent episode to get into the long running Maximum Fun show. -Brandon Wetherbee

WTF with Marc Maron

I realize we’re not really highlighting some unknown gems but when you’re thinking of Frozen, you’re going to end up with some popular podcasts. A recent WTF with Mandy Moore has a few minutes of Frozen chit-chat, but there’s much, much more time spend on her marriage to Ryan Adams. It’s a good listen for anyone that ever wondered why this seemingly normal, healthy pop star ended up with the now well known not good guy.

Sound Opinions

Speaking of not good guys, Jim DeRogatis has been reporting on R. Kelly’s crimes for nearly 20 years. He’s also been co-hosting Sound Opinions, now a public radio show, formerly a Chicago rock station radio show, since 1993. It’s the radio show equivalent of At the Movies with Siskel & Ebert. As a long time listener, I feel the same way I felt about Siskel & Ebert, I equally love and hate the critics depending on how their criticism aligns with my sonic preferences. While I’m including this because DeRogatis’ dogged reporting on R. Kelly, the show is not a weekly, heavy dissection of crimes. It’s usually a fun discussion of modern popular music with fellow critic Greg Kot. A good starting point for new listeners is their January 3, 2019 episode, “#684 Great Duets & Writer Malcolm Gladwell.”

Revisionist History

If you’re on the fence about audiobooks, and you really shouldn’t since you’re obviously interested in podcasts and audiobooks are just better produced, longer podcasts, consider starting with a Malcolm Gladwell book. His written work translates well into audiobooks. And if you’re still a little hesitant, begin with his Revisionist History. Each episode explores a different topic but since we’re going with the bad people theme, last July’s “Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis,” is a good pick to highlight this week.

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