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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time. (This particular batch has everything to do with TV, so if you’re not a TV head, I AM SORRY IN ADVANCE!)

RTÉ – The Ray Darcy Show: Derry Girls Is Back

We (or at least Svetlana and I) have been VERY vocal about how obsessed we are with Derry Girls, a show about what it was like growing up Catholic in Northern Ireland (in Derry, specifically) in the nineties, which was peak Troubles era. The show is back for its second season (I’ve been sneakily watching the new episodes via Daily Motion since I cannot fathom waiting for them to hit US shores), and it’s as good as ever! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then definitely check out the first season on Netflix. (Pro-tip: there’s a scene in the final episode which, likely for rights reasons, has been re-soundtracked. Search for the REAL final scene on YouTube, because it’s way better when Madonna is involved.) You should also check out this chat with the show’s creator, Lisa McGee! A quick listen at just fifteen minutes, and will help contextualize everything:

Everyday Ethics: Derry Girls and degrees of religious difference – myth or reality

A good companion to the previous one is this chat, which tries to get to the bottom of whether or not the Protestant/Catholic divide is really as pronounced in Northern Ireland as it’s shown in Derry Girls, and the reasons behind these persistent cultural barriers. As someone who was raised Irish-Catholic, I already knew a lot about the conflict, and Derry Girls seems to ring pretty true. It’s interesting to look at the problem from a modern-day perspective, though, considering religious fervor is not exactly what it used to be, and yet things seem to be kicking off again in the wake of Brexit ramifications:

The Two Shot Podcast: Jodie Comer

Moving on from Derry Girls, we’re off to good ol’ England! Killing Eve is set to return in April, and I couldn’t be more amped. I personally feel that Jodie Comer (who plays Villanelle opposite Sandra Oh’s Eve) was snubbed AF re: awards season, because she is just SO FUCKING GOOD at playing a weirdly lovable psychopath! So to show her a little love, here’s a chat (her first podcast appearance, btw!) she did on The Two Shot Podcast just before the end of last year:

David Tennant Does A Podcast w/ Jodie Whittaker

Sticking in UK territory, let’s give it up for my two favorite Doctors talking to each other about being my two favorite Doctors! Hell yeah! If you’re a TRUE Doctor Who fan, then there’s a chance you’ve already listened to this episode from February (it IS kind of the dream conversation team…), but if you haven’t checked it out, DO IT! Just so much joy! Such good humans!

Queery w/ Cameron Esposito: Ilene Chaiken

And now, to close things out, we will leave the UK entirely and take a gigantic leap over to sunny LA! Cameron Esposito had a chat to the one and only Ilene Chaiken about all things L Word, which is very timely considering the reboot is on its way! As Cameron says in the intro, if you’re not super familiar with the show then you might feel a little lost re: the ultra-specific questions that get asked, but that should just be your sign that you need to binge watch this weekend, duh!

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