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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time.

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

There just aren’t many shows funnier than Las Culturistas. Just a really great way to spend an hour and a half each week, listening to hosts Matt and Bowen riff on pop culture, celebrity gossip, and absolutely wild stories from a whole slew of guests, who share tales of their early experiences with media. Las Culturistas is one of the few podcasts whose live episodes, the form-breaking ensemble comedy shows I Don’t Think So, Honey!, are as hilarious and engaging as the studio sessions. Peppered in between regular episodes, I Don’t Think So, Honey!, welcomes a parade of comedians to the stage, each given a minute to absolutely GO IN on any pop culture topic of their choosing.

Fidelity High

What’s better than listening to an artist you love talk about the art that they love, the stuff that shaped their worldview and helped make what they do possible? Fidelity High is a series of bite-sized monologues featuring musicians like Laura Jane Grace from Against Me!, Ishmael Butler from Shabazz Palaces, and Peter Frampton taking a deep dive on their favorite album. Each artist brings a different approach to the table, and it’s all and all just a fascinating look at what blew the young minds of these visionary musicians.

The A24 Podcast

Indie film distributor A24 does their job very well, releasing a ton of massively popular/acclaimed/successful movies like Lady Bird, Ex Machina, and Eighth Grade, among others, over the last six years. They’re also fully willing to get experimental with their marketing approaches, releasing hyper specific limited-edition merch tie-ins with their films, and tiny runs of their films on outdated formats. They also have a very good podcast that pairs off various beloved stars from the indie film world and beyond for hour-or-so long conversations. Top pairings include Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, Elsie Fisher and Molly Ringwald, and Barry Jenkins and Greta Gerwig.

Aquarium Drunkard – Sidecar (Transmissions)

Remember music blogs? Back in the mid aughts, there was no better way to be up on the newest, most interesting music out there. It’s 2019 now and most music blogs either don’t exist any more. Aquarium Drunkard was the best music blog back then, and they’re the best one still going today. The AD gang is still out there doing it, posting essential crate-digging vintage finds and super exciting new tracks alike, and the podcast extension of the AD site (and their Sirius XM show), Sidecar (Transmissions), is an absolutely crucial listen. A mix of live and in-studio interviews, live sessions, and mind-expanding playlists, it’s always different, always surprising, and always worthwhile.

Yo, Is This Racist?

The long running comedy podcast Yo, Is This Racist? has been a part of my podcast rotation for years. Their diverse, hilarious roster of guests riffing on sincere listener questions about racially-charged scenarios, interactions, cultural movements, and more is both thought-provoking and hilarious. The show recently welcomed a second host, extremely funny actor/comedian/writer/musician Tawny Newsom, joining host Andrew Ti and guests like Carl Tart, Joel Kim Booster, and Nicole Byer. Also, the answer is almost always “yes.”

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