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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 worth your time.

Kreative Kontrol

The one-on-one Interview show is certainly one of the most prevalent forms of podcasting out there, but few interviewers are as insightful and engaging with their guests as the Ontario-based writer and broadcaster Vish Khanna. Khanna’s long running interview show Kreative Kontrol spans nearly 500 episodes, featuring in-depth conversations about creativity and pretty much everything else with people from across the cultural spectrum, but predominantly musicians and comedians. Some of my favorite Kreative Kontrol episodes are wide-ranging conversations with singular artists like Bill Callahan, Maria Bamford, and David Berman, whose recent passing lends an extra gravity to the sporadically heavy conversation.

The Last Movie

The first season of The Last Movie, a limited run sci-fi podcast spun off of the popular yet frustrating series Tanis, succeeded where many narrative podcasts fail. It told a concise story with wild twists and little room for wheel-spinning or unnecessary tangents. The currently in progress season two continues down that path, introducing a new, more tech-savvy riff on the first series’ story of a movie that has the power to kill anyone who watches it. Overall, the thing is a good time that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while fully embracing its weirdo high concept.

Gay Future

Reportedly adapted from a long-lost YA novel penned by Mike Pence, Gay Future takes place in the not-too-distant future where everyone is gay, and it’s left to one straight teenage boy who just might lead the straight revolution. The show skewers just about every sci-fi/dystopian stereotype, stock character, and hamfisted allegory imaginable, piling them one atop the other into a hilarious piece of pitch perfect satire.

Slow Radio

BBC Radio 3’s Slow Radio takes a deceptively simple concept and elevates it to something artful. Field recordings of remote forests, ancient traditional music, and laid-back conversations become immersive soundscapes that envelopes the listener, crafting mini-universes that highlight the endless possibilities of audio recording.

This Podcast is Self Care

Conceptually, self care is undoubtedly a good, if not inherently selfish thing. The commodification and cooptation of the language and practices of self care by brands and influencers is uh, less good. This Podcast Is Self Care seeks to embrace the former and lampoon the latter, as hosts Cait Raft and Drew Spears, two LA-based comedians, interview some of your favorite podcast personalities (Carl Tart! Jon Gabrus! Jess McKenna!) about their personal forms of self care.

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