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Yesterday we informed you, dear reader, of a plethora of #SHUTDOWN happy hour (and otherwise) specials and earlier today, let you know about an amazing I.M.P and 9:30 Club buy 1, get 1 ticket deal. Well, The Howard Theatre is getting in on the act and making this shutdown a little better for 600,000 folks.

If you’re a federal government employee affected by the shutdown, you can get a FREE ticket to a Howard show. Like Big Boi. Like the guy we interviewed this morning. The guy that has sold 20-million records and won a bajillion awards. From The Howard Theatre Facebook page:

TO ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WORKERS AFFECTED BY THE SHUTDOWN: The Howard Theatre has always been The Theatre For The People. Due to the recent Federal Government shutdown we would like to extend a free ticket offer to the government workers affected by the situation. Here are the details:

The person MUST come to The Howard Theatre box office located at 620 T St NW with a valid Federal Government ID.
1 ticket per ID
Based on availability
No refunds on already purchased tickets

Here are the shows that the FREE offer is valid for:

10/2 Big Boi of Outkast
10/4 Take 6
10/5 Alice Russell

Additionally, for government workers, we are offering 50% off the ticket price to RUFUS featuring SLY STONE on Sunday, Oct. 6th. This ticket must also be purchased directly at The Howard Theatre box office.

Please share this information with any Federal Government worker who might be interested in this offer.

The Staff of The Howard Theatre