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If you don’t know about The Washington Psychotronic Film Society, you’re gay. Like as in lame, not butt sex. They are dedicated to the the appreciation and defense of: Independent, cutting-edge, student, experimental, anime, off-beat, underground, obscure, super-8, low-budget, classic, forgotten, must-see, and just about anything on film.

Basically what that means is they show crappy but amazing movies every week for you, for free.

Now, our love for them has always been as big as a house (we’ve probably listed every single film they’ve shown since BYT calendar saw the light of day) and we’ve seen them go from Dr. Dremo’s on Tuesdays (which then closed) to a brief hiatus to Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse on Wednesdays to now (quite jubilantly) arriving to the District, to the Meeting Place on 1707 L Street NW (right smack downtown and just a hop scotch away from 5 metro stops and your office)

We are really excited.
You should be too.

To kick off the new Chapter (once again on Tuesdays at 8, just like the olden days) they’ve picked to show you:

Dolemite a 1975 blaxploitation number by D’Urville Martin and Rudy Ray Moore (March 17, 1927 – October 19, 2008 – read Trash Palace’s tribute to the legend here)

brief synopsis:

If there ever was a movie that explained the concept of what Psychotronic meant, Dolemite takes the f*cking cake. Exposed boom mikes…Bad dialogue…Bad fashions…Bad-asses. Rudy Ray Moore created and plays the role of Dolemite, a fast-talking, jive-ass pimpadelick chap who is released from jail early to solve a crime. His main, lady Queen Bee, is in trouble so he jives and shoots the breeze to shake that damn devil from out of his tree. Any rat soup-eating mutha-fuggas that don’t make a pass get Dolemite’s boot right up their monkey stinkin asses.

and go into Russ Meyer land next week with:

be very afraid. and very there.