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in a constant and unselfish effort of donating our body to science
because we know you will be hungry after you attend at least one of these
events in the atlas district this weekend:

RIOT VAN @ rnr hotel (thursday 9:00 pm)

The WHips/Death by sexy @ the r’n’r hotel (saturday 8:30 pm)


Nouveau Riche ( red and the black saturday :9:00 pm)

we did a minor explorational tour of the Capitol Hill
seven-eleven last saturday.

Now, the slevens on U and on Wyoming have been long stand bys for those moments

when nothing but squirting some processed cheese on a donut will do

and we are happy to announce that the Maryland and 8th street NE branch lives up to its name.

plus, as an added bonuse – it is not as raided as the previously mentioned 2 franchises.

and the staff was friendly enough to replace the squirt cheese for us after it ran out


to aid with the following photo session.

overall, highly recommended.
but ONLY after
a 5 drink minimum.
make that a stiff 5 drink minimum.