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Prince Harry will be visiting DC RIGHT NOW (9th-15th to be exact). And frankly, we’re pretty jazzed for it. If we’re going to get a royal in the District for a visit, it may as well be a royal that knows how to party. And Prince Harry knows how to party:


Now, last time he was in town Harry hung out with Colin Powell at a glitzy dinner at the Ritz-Carlton but now that he has a little bit more of the lay of the land we figure he’ll be ready to act a teeny bit more his age after the official duties are over (which include visiting the Walter Reed Hospital, and the Arlington Cemetary). So, here is a BYT approved itinerary for him (no penis photos allowed, we’re not in Vegas, after all):


  • Jägerbombs ahoy – Harry does have a tendency to party like he was just allowed to, and casually googling him keeps phrases like “a round of Jägerbombs after dinner” popping up. And while DCist suggested yesterday that he may feel right at home at one of DC’s Douchiest Bars, we would like to use this opportunity to make a public plea towards picking DC’s LEAST Douchey Bars instead. You can do it Harry, we trust you.
  • POOL, with clothes on – the previous infamous Vegas trip resulted in a game of strip billiards for Harry so while here, he may want to opt for a more discreet place to practice his game: may we recommend Bedrock on Columbia Road?
  • On the fancier side-the new, unmarked AGB bar at the Graham Hotel is a perfect late night hide-out. If it was good enough for Frank Sinatra, it should be good enough for Harry, right?
  • Tropical Drinks @ HOGO. The tiny tikki bar next to Passenger should be a perfect spot to duck in in between royal duties and take the edge of with some rum:

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 8.05.21 AM


any other suggestions, welcome in the comments, as alwayssssssssss