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Since this weekend is a special prime time HIPSTER CAMP pool party @ Capitol Skyline hotel pool, with a focus on the golden years of 2001-2006. My main reference for that time frame in DC (where I moved in 2003) was running around DC9 during either Liberation Dance Party or Electrotease or Nouveau Riche later on, hair in the face, ridiculously large earrings threatening to lop my ears off during more dynamic dance moves and having a really good time. So, all week, some choice tracks I would raise both my arms to when they came on.

We kick off with the super bratty, furiously fast “EVERY DAY I LOVE YOU LESS AND LESS” by the Kaiser Chiefs (who are, incidentally, coming to 930 club this fall, and apparently still going strong so this is both timely AND nostalgic)

….You’re turning into something I detest
And everybody says that you’re a mess
Since everyday I love you less and less
And less, and less….