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All photos by Jeff Martin, Leland Bobbé, Katherine Gaines, Andrés Miguel Harris, and James L. Hicks.

She’s spooky, and she’s scary. And she brews up a storm that is not to be messed with. DC’s own Heidi Glüm is not a bad girl. She’s a beyond-band girl. She’s the ghost with the most – the haint with a taint.


Many were first introduced to Glüm last summer when she was the victim of an anti-LGBT attack at Manny & Olga’s Pizza on 14th Street.  Glüm, still in drag following a show at the Black Cat, was viciously attacked when ordering a pizza by two women shouting homophobic and transphobic slurs. The attackers’ accomplice then uploaded the incident to the website World Star Hip Hop. As horrific as the experience was, it rallied LGBT DC around Glüm. And, for the first time, many started to appreciate the stellar talent that Washington has in Heidi Glüm.


Glüm’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by others. Regularly performing in New York, Heidi Glüm is the drag daughter of Sharon Needles. It shows, as her style – like Needles – is dug up straight from the earth of the underworld. While her mainstay look is dark-and-edgy, Glüm isn’t afraid to pop into pink or soft pastels. Her performances, however, is one thing that stays on edge. She is known to shock her audiences as much as she thrills them. Take the time that she performed “Stand by Your Man” at Town Danceboutique while sitting in a wheel chair.


Her performances have won her fans from drag royalty. Each one is unique, and this queen always delivers. Attendees of the BYT/Capital Pride Blast Off! party this Friday can expect an equally out-of-this-world performance by Glüm.  She’s party of a line-up that includes Big Freedia, Willam, Team Peaches, and Pussy Noir. If you haven’t yet seen her, Heidi Glüm will serve you an alien fantasy that is sure to make you a fan.


You can catch Heidi Glüm this Friday night as part of the BYT/Capital Pride BLAST OFF! party. The official opening party of Capital Pride, BLAST OFF! is a space-themed fantasy held at Dock 5 at Union Market. Limited discounted advance tickets are available here. The party features Big Freedia, Willam, and amazing performances by artists such as Heidi  Glüm. Feel free to dress up, or dress down, and enjoy an outside dance floor and inside space lounge. It’s the biggest LGBT party of the year.

The Official 2014 Pride Opening
Party Spaaaace Party!
at Dock 5 @ Union Market
on Friday, June 6th
in an amazing, massive, warehouse space (including an outdoor launchpad dancefloor)


plus plenty of free parking

Because we love you…
Limited discount advance tickets on sale here:


Pu$$y Noir


+ indoor/outdoor dance party, stiff drinks, go-go dancers (Strippernauts!) space lasers,
moonbounces, photobooths, food trucks, and more!


Stay informed w/ @BYT@BYGAYS@CapitalPrideDC

Croosh Deets
Advance Tickets are $20 / Day of goes up to $25
Last year (and the year before) we sold out!
18+ to enter / 21+ to drink

Dock5 is located behind Union Market

– NoMa/New York Ave Metro (Red Line)
– Located on all the Metrobus U Street Lines
– Plenty of free parking (first come, first serve)
– PLUS, stay tuned for info on our free party (space) shuttles

As always, there is no dress code, but we know you love to dress up, so we recommend staying on theme with:

Vulcan / Klingon / Borg / Ferengi / Romulan / Tribble / Kardashian
3PO / R2 / Luke / Han / Leia / Darth / Lando / Chewy / Sand Vagina (Sarlacc)
Adama / Apollo / Starbuck / Baltar / Boomer / Gaeta (watch the webisodes! totally gay!)
Uranus / Black Hole / Curiosity Rover / Sputnik / Giant NASA Dick Rocket
Frank N Furter / Facehugger / Klaatu / Mulder / Conehead / Dick Solomon / Zardoz
ALF / Space Race / that Mohawk Guy from NASA / Sigourney Weaver in Alien (or Working Girl, sure, what the hell)
A Lense Flare from a JJ Abrams Star Trek film / Karl Sagan / Robot / Space Invader / Alien / Astronaut
OMG, the outfits are going to be amazing
(please no Ender’s Game or Jar Jar costumes)


Grab discounted early tickets (limted) here
This is a LGBTA friendly event!