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Photos courtesy of Kalorama Photography, Jeff Martin, Dakota Fine.

We have an amazing line-up for you at our BYT/Capital Pride Blast Off! party next Friday, June 6. This is our fifth year throwing this mega-party that features thousands of your closest friends, and the second year we’ve partnered with the amazing party and DJ collective CTRL.


Recently celebrating their second anniversary, CTRL is one of Washington’s most popular monthly gay dance parties. Held at Cobalt the last Saturday of each month, it is an over-the-top, confetti-filled, booty short-wearing good time. Is that a piñata  making its way across the dance floor? Is that a go go dancer licking the frosting off of a birthday cake? Yes. Yes, it is. It is CTRL.

CTRL is composed of DJs Devon Trotter, Brett Andriesen, Jeff Prior, and Adam Koussari-Amin. Each of them are known for various parties in DC, and together they pack a powerful punch. We liked them before, but when they showed up to DJ our BYT/Captial Pride SPANDEX party last year dressed as the Poweerpuff Girls, we fell in love.

We asked the boys of CTRL to give us a sneak preview mix – just the tipof what we can expect at Blast Off! on Friday, June 06. What the boys really have in store is amazing, but this should be enough to get you dancing in the shower, motivated at the gym, or through a late-night trick.

Want more CTRL? Check out their party this Saturday at Cobalt. We’ll be joining them for our Twerk Team Tryouts to find new back-up dancers for Big Freedia at our Blast Off! party.

Grab your tickets now to see CTRL at the BYT/Capital Pride BlastOff! Party on Friday, June 06. They join our amazing lineup that includes Big FreediaWillam, DJ Joe Gauthreaux, Team Peaches, and Pussy Noir.

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