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Transformer 14th Annual Silent Auction and Benefit Party is this Saturday, November 18.

Great cause, great art, great people watching. A fantastic opportunity for both beginning and seasoned collectors to purchase some of DC’s best contemporary visual art, Transformer’s Auction brings together a smart and sophisticated guest list of artists, collectors, gallerists, entrepreneurs, and arts enthusiasts, all in line with the organizations cool, modern, cutting-edge aesthetic.

In order to prep your bidding fingers, we have a selection of some of our favorites below, including a 2017 selection by Danish artists:

Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen: Grape Pomegranate Lemon Melon Avocado Red Cabbage, 2017 HD Video 10.32 minutes with sound

Sidse Carstens: Contact, 2012, Video, 8.25 minutes

Lloyd Foster: Ghana Babies, 2017: Archival pigment print, 20”x20”
Lloyd Kofi Foster (b.1990) is a Ghanaian-American photographer based in Washington, DC. Self-taught, Foster’s work uses personal connections, memories, and authentic perception to capture daily life, combat warped media perspectives, and to better understand his subjects.

Antonio McAfee: Third 2, 2017: Digital C-print, 3D image with 3D glass, 16”x20”
Antonio McAfee is a photographer raised and based in Baltimore, MD. He received his BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Shortly after, he earned his MFA in Photography from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2011, he received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art in Arts and Culture Management from the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). Antonio McAfee’s work addresses the complexity of representation. Through appropriating and manipulating historical portraits, he engages in prescribed views of individuals and rework images to provide an alternate – more layered image and concept of the people depicted.

Meena Yi: Leda and the Swan, 2011, Silver Gelatin Print, 21”x16 ¾” Meena is a photographer and designer based in Washington, DC.
Meena’s creative exploration began with film photography and progressed to appropriating images by mixing practices with alternative processes in the darkroom. She currently focuses on using design for social change.

Rose Eken: cigarette and ‘HEY HO -LETS GO’ badge, 2014-2017, glazed paper clay copy
While working at punk music venues as a teenager in Copenhagen, Rose Eken developed a fascination
with concert detritus. The objects she was made to clean up after an event—cigarette butts,
drug paraphernalia, beer cans, discarded clothing, and lost cell phones—became emblems of
punk rock culture, which she now reproduces in the form of hand-painted ceramic miniatures.
Sculpting objects found in concert halls, kitchens, studios and similarly ubiquitous locations,
Eken methodically replicates detritus often placing them very systematic in a grid, suggestive
of scientific categorization. Her arrangements and sheer amount of production assume an
anthropological quality, documenting and preserving the relics of a culture and celebrating a
history in process. While Eken also produces embroideries, drawings, and sometimes even videos,
she favours clay for its versatility and clumsy form, as shaping and firing warp
the object along the way, resulting in unforeseen and unpredictable imperfections.

Rose Eken was born in Denmark (1976) and graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2003.
She has received critical appraise in US for her solo exhibition ‘Remain In The Light’ at The Hole gallery
in New York as well as her more recent solo show ‘Tableau’ at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, which was acquired
by and is currently at display at Aros Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus, Denmark.

Adrienne Gaither: Central Time, 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 72”x60”
Adrienne Gaither (b.1987) is a visual artist whose work explores identity and black imagination through painting and installations. Her work attempts to challenge ideologies that perpetuate hierarchical structures. Gaither’s paintings reflect her deep interest of political histories, incorporating footage from old archives and contemporary news into subversions of geometric abstractions.
She has exhibited at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD, The National African American Museum and Cultural Museum, Wilberforce, OH, PRIZM Art Fair at Miami Art Basel, and MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts) in Brooklyn, NY. Gaither lives and works in Washington, DC