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Today, as part of this week’s Taste of Iceland festivities (which also featured Jakobinarina at Velvet Lounge but no actual food events from what I can gather, so why it wasn’t called “The Sound of Iceland”-beats me) you get to see Sigur Ros’ “stupidly gorgeous” tour movie Heima at E street.

The movie follows everyone’s favorite Icelandic band as they played a slew of suprise free shows in their homeland, in the most unexpected of places (abandoned herring factories, small town parks, coffee shops, and teeny tiny community halls). The idea was (as the amazingly beautiful trailer will tell you-see below) to literally offer their music back to the land that allowed it to happen in the first place.

The movie, whose title literally means “At Home” was shot by Dean deBlois and features live footage, interviews, photographic sequences of the countryscapes and people of Iceland they meet along the way. It is literally a love letter from the band to its country and every Sigur Ros’ wet dream.

The movie does not have any US official theatrical release dates so you should go see it tonight and feel special because
a. we are the only ones in the US that get to see it now before it gets its DVD release (please note the dates below, added helpfully by Carri, in case you live in LA or around)
b. the said DVD release has been just pushed back two weeks to November 20th so the wait for all you rabid Sigur Ros Fans out there becomes even longer (the album is still dropping on November 5th, as planned)

if this isn’t motivation enough: embrace the trailer. and maybe even find someone to hold you while you watch it since it is that breathtaking:

official site: http://emichrysalis.co.uk/sigurros/heima/film/

event details here: http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/events/film-screening-sigur-ros-heima-e-street/