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Tomorrow night marks the Rock and Roll Hotel’s inaugural “REIGN IN BOOZE,” head-smashing cocktail tributes to some of rock and hip-hop’s most legendary boozehounds. Set against a backdrop of “punk, rap, hardcore, hip-hop, rock, thug, metal, and other junk” by DJ’s Mathias and LANCEDONTDANCE, venue booker Steve Lambert’s succinct description of the event as “PARTY” seems apt.


We stopped by to take a closer look at the new cocktail menus and chat with Molly of the Hotel about what cocktails inspired by Lemmy, Kerry King, and Flava Flav might entail. In short: heavy riffs, heavy pours, and a hazy Friday morning.


“We were thinking about how the Rock and Roll Hotel has had some awesome, legendary artists here in the past 8 years that we’ve been open. As an homage to the people that paved the way for those artists and bands, we thought it would be fun to throw together – not a cocktail party – but creative drinks that get to the point. All of these drinks are gonna get you there.”

Reign in Booze collage menu 3 8.5

“The creative idea behind the menus was to grab inspiration from the way Rock and Roll is decorated. One of the things you remember about the place are the awesome hallways that have all the old posters from when Steve was booking Max’s in Michigan. We have all these really strange, vintage posters.”

Reign in Booze collage menu back 3 8.5