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After the huge success of last year’s punk celebration experiment, Riot Fest is back for round two! While we were hoping that Riot Fest Brooklyn would be the gleefully chaotic time that Philly held last year (multiple stages and chicken suits) or the multiple days that Chicago will boast this year, the short but sweet lineup might be the perfect introduction for Brooklyn to get into the swing of things. RFPhilly was cancelled last month, but don’t you fret. We get to do it all over again this Saturday at Williamsburg Park. In order to properly get stoked, get to know the lineup and let this RFB Spotify playlist guide you through the rest of this gloriously short work week.

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello  _MG_2723.jpg

Everyone’s favorite gypsy punks are co-headlining this year, drawing in longtime fans and curious first-timers to Riot Fest. And there’s no doubt that they’ll fit right in to a festival that revolves around the loud and the absurd. A Gogol Bordello show is truly an experience, and they’ve had 13 years to perfect their chaos into something infectious.


Last year in Philly, Milo sang despite losing his voice earlier that week, and his kids even joined him on stage to present the All-O-Gistics. It was the best possible culmination to a day of insanity, and we can’t wait to do it again as they reclaim the headlining spot. With no talk of new material or headlining tours for this coffee loving West Coast staple, you’d better catch them at random events such as this one if you missed them in their youth.

Screaming Females

We love Screamales and you know it. And why shouldn’t you? They’re a well-oiled songwriting machine, and this mini-fest needs a good dose of girls with guitars; especially those that own their craft as well as Marissa Paternoster. After seeing the trio kill it at several small venues around DC, we’re excited to see them take over a festival stage.

The Bronx

My guess is that most/all fights at Riot Fest will break out during this set, and a good portion of them will be a direct result of conflicting opinions about The Bronx. Assumed to be the most relentless and aggressive band in the lineup, these guys will have a pretty strange set. When they’re not The Bronx, they’re Mariachi El Bronx and play as just that. Keep your fingers crossed for a combination of both in their set.

Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music
The set with the most feelings. Hot Water Music played Riot Fest East last year, and since then they have left Epitaph Records (Epitaph still exists?) and return to us with a new album that’s received mixed reviews. Last year they filled their set with old favorites, and we’re kind of hoping that they’ll do the same thing for round two.

Larry and His Flask

While 7 Seconds destroyed the indoor stage at RFE, Larry and His Flask were playing an impromptu acoustic set in the midst of the outdoor crowd. The response was enormous and actually drew people away from the stages, so it’s no surprise that they’re back again with more stage time and more banjos.

The Menzingers

Another bunch of Riot Fest veterans, the Menzingers formed and evolved from a number of Philadelphia ska punk bands. They switched back to Epitaph recently, and have been praised as a more pure variety of punk that’s reminiscent of years past. Passionate and occasionally political, you can decide for yourself this weekend if they live up to the hype.

Naked Raygun


7 Seconds