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Duplex Diner is turning 15 this Friday and to celebrate they are taking you all the way back into the 80’s with the help of Breakfast Club. The party is going to be a blow out featuring a performance by Birdie la Cage and a special prom style photobooth. To help you look your best, the Breakfast Club boys chose 15 awkward 80’s prom pics:

adam and khelan prom

A Breakfast Club Preview Mix from Khelan:

birdie prom


prom pic 2

 prom pic 15 prom pic 14 prom pic 13 prom pic 12 prom pic 11 prom pic 10 prom pic 9 prom pic 8 prom pic 7 prom pic 6 prom pic 5 prom pic 4


A Breakfast Club Preview Mix from Adam: