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Brightest Young Things is teaming up with Capital Pride to present a specatacular night out at the Newseum next Friday, June 10.  “BYT & Capital Pride present: Somewhere…” will be an over-the-top, over-the-rainbow event.  Think you had fun at the last two Newseum events?  They will be nothing compared to this one.

In order to preview the party, we stopped by the Black Cat for an impromptu photo-shoot and brought along just about every over-the-top prop we could find.  But, before we get to the photos – let’s get to the details.

A limited number of pre-sale tickets are on sale now for $15, but the price goes up next week.

You get:  The biggest party in town next weekend (an offical Capital Pride event), a six-story atrium surrounding the dance floor, cocktail bars in every neon-lit glass elevator, a no-shirts moon bounce in the shape of a Twister board, a make-out movie theater, glow sticks – glow necklaces – glow everything , live performance by Sherell Rowe, DJ sets by international stars Ultra Naté with Lisa Moody & Lauren Flax (and Washington DJs Natty Boom & DJ MAJR), afterhours access to Newseum exhibits, ponies, lasers, rainbows, and Levar Burton impersonators telling you stories from Reading Rainbow. And we just announced a VIP room done by Timur Tugberk!

We told you it was over the top. And we’re excited to see our straight friends too – everyone is gay on Pride!

And now, the photos (by our amazing and excellent Bradley):

Rainbow Photoshoot-4 Rainbow Photoshoot-7 Rainbow Photoshoot-11 Rainbow Photoshoot-15 Rainbow Photoshoot-27 Rainbow Photoshoot-5 Rainbow Photoshoot-18 Rainbow Photoshoot-34 Rainbow Photoshoot-35 Rainbow Photoshoot-41 Rainbow Photoshoot-45 Rainbow Photoshoot-52 Rainbow Photoshoot-51 Rainbow Photoshoot-47 Rainbow Photoshoot-48 Rainbow Photoshoot-57 Rainbow Photoshoot-54 Rainbow Photoshoot-62 Rainbow Photoshoot-64 Rainbow Photoshoot-68 Rainbow Photoshoot-72 Rainbow Photoshoot-76 Rainbow Photoshoot-83 Rainbow Photoshoot-80 Rainbow Photoshoot-81 Rainbow Photoshoot-82 Rainbow Photoshoot-84 Rainbow Photoshoot-86 Rainbow Photoshoot-88 Rainbow Photoshoot-91 Rainbow Photoshoot-92 Rainbow Photoshoot-93 Rainbow Photoshoot-96 Rainbow Photoshoot-97 Rainbow Photoshoot-100 Rainbow Photoshoot-103 Rainbow Photoshoot-104 Rainbow Photoshoot-99 Rainbow Photoshoot-108 Rainbow Photoshoot-109 Rainbow Photoshoot-113 Rainbow Photoshoot-124 Rainbow Photoshoot-115 Rainbow Photoshoot-114 Rainbow Photoshoot-119 Rainbow Photoshoot-120 Rainbow Photoshoot-128 Rainbow Photoshoot-125 Rainbow Photoshoot-132 Rainbow Photoshoot-146 Rainbow Photoshoot-139 Rainbow Photoshoot-143 Rainbow Photoshoot-141 Rainbow Photoshoot-146 Rainbow Photoshoot-161 Rainbow Photoshoot-149 Rainbow Photoshoot-153 Rainbow Photoshoot-152 Rainbow Photoshoot-158 Rainbow Photoshoot-159 Rainbow Photoshoot-160 Rainbow Photoshoot-164 Rainbow Photoshoot-167 Rainbow Photoshoot-181 Rainbow Photoshoot-168 Rainbow Photoshoot-172 Rainbow Photoshoot-176 Rainbow Photoshoot-178 Rainbow Photoshoot-185 Rainbow Photoshoot-184 Rainbow Photoshoot-190 Rainbow Photoshoot-187 Rainbow Photoshoot-193 Rainbow Photoshoot-198 Rainbow Photoshoot-199 Rainbow Photoshoot-204 Rainbow Photoshoot-205 Rainbow Photoshoot-207 Rainbow Photoshoot-215 Rainbow Photoshoot-218 Rainbow Photoshoot-220 Rainbow Photoshoot-221 Rainbow Photoshoot-231 Rainbow Photoshoot-230 Rainbow Photoshoot-228 Rainbow Photoshoot-235 Rainbow Photoshoot-236 Rainbow Photoshoot-237 Rainbow Photoshoot-239 Rainbow Photoshoot-241 Rainbow Photoshoot-243 Rainbow Photoshoot-246 Rainbow Photoshoot-251 Rainbow Photoshoot-254 Rainbow Photoshoot-261 Rainbow Photoshoot-267 Rainbow Photoshoot-271 Rainbow Photoshoot-279 Rainbow Photoshoot-293 Rainbow Photoshoot-301