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When we started seeing burgeoning handlebar mustaches at D.C. gay bars this weekend, we started to ask around. Turns out they were being grown in anticipation of A Night of a Thousand Freddies this Friday night. The idea is the creation of the monthly party Otter Crossing (hosted by David Brown) and DJ Shea Van Horn.

Rockstar royalty Freddie Mercury owned the stage. This alpha otter’s showmanship is unrivaled. In a nearly 20 year career as the frontman of the band Queen, he easily transitioned from shaggy rockstar to moustache-clad leather daddy and just about everything in between.

This Friday, David Brown and Shea Van Horn are encouraging you to dress up for A Night of A Thousand Freddies. But, if you’re fretting about not being able to grow out a mustache, there is no need to worry.

When you think of Freddie Mercury, you probably think of this:

Or this:

But Freddie Mercury had SO MANY LOOKS. Don’t be afraid to find out what kind of Freddie you are.

Cha Cha Freddie

Gender Casual Freddie

Fabulous Freddie

Opera Tenor Freddie

Cater Waitor Freddie

Rock Royalty Freddie


Liza with a Z Freddie

“Is That a Light Saber in Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?” Freddie

Office Casual Friday Freddie

I’m Gonna Wear this Pleated Curtin as a Robe Freddie

“I Can Has Cheezburger?” Freddie

Mid Atlantic Leather Freddie

Moose Knuckle Freddie


Prospective Applicant to the Country Club Freddie

“What Color is This Dress?” Freddie

Fuck It All Freddie

A Night of a Thousand Freddies
Presented by Otter Crossing
With DJ Shea Van Horn
Friday, March 06
Greeen Lantern
$5 after 10pm
More Info Here

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