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New Belgium makes excellent beer and hosts excellent events that involve beer and bikes. But it feels like its over 100 degrees outside so biking is out of the equation. Days like this are great for beer and not biking. Tonight, New Belgium will take up a small space in the very nice, how-did-I-not-know-about-this-place-until-now Jackpot in Chinatown.


A few weeks ago New Belgium hosted a pleasant event with the pleasant Snapshot beer and chocolates from Adams Morgan chocolate shop Cocova. The World Cup was on (RIP USA), the air conditioning was blasting and an extremely hot and humid June day turned into a relaxing evening.

Tonight’s Sweet & Sour event begins at 7pm and features the award winning Yuzu Imperial Berliner Weisse. Go for the lighthearted beer education, stay because you’re in a nice, dark, chilly bar and it’s way too hot outside.