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Listen Local First celebrates two-years of ambitious programming, promotion and DC cheer-leading with a “Red Tape Party.” Like most Listen Local First events, this evening will feature local music, quality food trucks and DC based visual art and a cause.


The following is from the Listen Local First site:

Last October Councilmember Tommy Wells introduced the “Temporary Business Entrepreneurship Act of 2012,” which would make it easier for entrepreneurs to test ideas and engage in business activity without significant up-front costs. Additionally it promotes livelier streets, public spaces, and neighborhoods – creating opportunity and interest where today we see vacant buildings and dead spaces. Currently the legislation is encountering resistance and lack of support from the Committee of Government Operations. Specifically, this bill:
  1. Establishes a temporary business license to reduce the cost and procedural requirements when someone wants to conduct business for 90 days or less.
  2. Establishes a fast-track approval process for temporary uses that targets key information to help applicants get their permits and ensure that applications can be submitted online.
  3. Establishes a threshold of temporary occupancy that will remove the costly vacant building classification, prompting more owners to consider short-term temporary leases.
  4. Creates a centralized database of available spaces in D.C. government buildings, with clear categories for how the spaces are permitted, thus using our own government assets to help entrepreneurs try out their business ideas.

The event will feature music from:

The Raised by Wolves

The Walking Sticks


Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

This event is part of DC Entrepreneurship Week, which runs October 7 to 11. For a complete schedule of events and participating speakers, visit the DCEW site.