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The words “Hatfield” and “McCoy” usually conjure up images of bloody violence. However, the band Hatfield McCoy isn’t so intense or violent. Instead, they are a quiet, country/Americana band that employs a variety of instruments to create a sound country music fans will love. If you like their sound, I have great news: they play at DC 9 this Saturday, so get your tickets. So let’s break down their short, four-song EP, Western Skies, real quick for those unfamiliar with their music.

Western Skies

This song should also be called “Harmonica Song.” It layers some intense harmonica with some electronic keyboard action that sounds similar to Tom Petty. Like most country music, this song is all about booze and trying to get through the hard times. I bet a lot of you can identify.

Similar to: The Allman Brothers

If I Left

This is the album’s lament to love and heartbreak. It’s got some good acoustic guitar then breaks down with an electric guitar/keyboard solo.

Similar to: any country musician who sings about heartache


This has more guitar rifts and is less country than the rest of the album. They also throw in some saxophone, which I wasn’t expecting.

Similar to: The Cranberries (if they had a horn section), Dave Matthews Band

Carolina Song

This is the longest song on the album, totaling a length of 6 minutes and 5 seconds. It fits comfortably into the genre of country with the twangy guitar, quiet piano, and subject of soul searching.

Similar to: Brad Paisley, any popular country musician