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All words: Jeb Gavin
All photos: Stephanie Breijo


In a move so obvious I’m a little frustrated I haven’t heard of it before, Union Market has decided to hold a clinic on how to throw a Super Bowl party. The Market, located on 5th Street NE will host a Game Day Do-It-Yourself event this coming Sunday from 11am to 3pm. Even better, they let me wander around and ask annoying questions. Turns out, napkins aren’t decorative. Who knew?!?


Each shop has their own tips and tricks for improving upon the party you intended to throw. Gina Chersevani, proprietor of the beverage counter Buffalo & Bergen recommended highly alcoholic punches and somehow just as highly alcoholic beer cocktails. This is all assuming you don’t have an authentic soda fountain in the middle of your living room. If not, and you’re still curious what an egg crème is, she’d be happy to explain (short answer: the most delicious/best possible way to kill the lactose intolerant).


The folks over at Red Apron Butchery suggest having a few dozen hotdogs on hand, especially their mortadella hotdogs and atomic dogs. Of course, if you’re not afraid to use a fork, you could try the best pastrami iteration I’ve ever tried, their porkstrami. It’s just what it sounds like: pastrami made from pork instead of beef, and like the best pastrami I’ve ever had (Schwartz’s in Montreal,) the higher fat content keeps the meat nice and moist without being overly salty. Throw on a little grainy mustard and some bacon-braised sauerkraut, and I can (and probably will) die happy eating it.


Amanda McClements of Salt & Sundry will be on hand providing tips on buffet layout and decor (including the aforementioned bit about napkins.)



The fellas from Harvey’s Market recommended burgers, particularly their organic ground bison in the form of sliders, perfectly complimented by the pickle chips from Oh! Pickles just across the aisle.


Rappahannock Oyster Co. will be on hand demonstrating appetizer cooking (though if you were a really generous host, you’d just
shell out for a gross of the Olde Salts and let nature take its course. If this is the case, please leave contact information in the comments below so that I can attend.)

And fromager Carolyn Stromberg of Righteous Cheese will be discussing beer and cheese pairings, and explaining the finer points of cheese dip. So apparently I’ve been eating queso straight from the jar wrong this whole time. Truth be told, I had my suspicions.


It’s possible with a little (OK, a lot of) help, Super Bowl Sunday won’t just be the end to another forgotten weekend, but rather a day of style and class I can’t for the life of me remember.

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