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Its autumn. Soon the weather will get cold, the sun will go away and we will all be brooding sad faces wishing we were in a far away place, gallivanting around carefree with our tops off. Well, fear not! EU film fest is upon us and now you can pretend to be in Greece or Italy or even darker and colder places like Sweden or Denmark. Great right?

An annual tradition for years now, the EU film fest showcases some of the most popular movies of the year from the 27 member countries. A mix of quirky independent films, bizarre eastern European themes, documentaries and blockbusters, this festival sums up the EU pretty nicely: a mélange of cultures, traditions and people.

I was lucky enough to attend the opening night yesterday which premiered Mammoth by Swedish director Lukas Moodyson and starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams. This Swedish film takes place in NYC and follows the lives of one affluent couple and the people that are intertwined in their lives. Although heavy on message-I get it globalization, consumerism, nanny culture, sex travelling are all BAD- I enjoyed this film and thought it was well acted.

Film fest is at AFI and runs from now til November 24th. Here are a few previews I found.


Clound Nine ( Wolke Neun)- Germany

The TRAILER made me cry. It’s about old people falling in love. Looks lovely.

Mid-August Lunch ( Pranzo Di Ferragosto)- Italy

Another one about cute old ladies! Gianni is forced to take care of his mother, his landlords mother and old aunt and a friends mom over a bank holiday weekend. You can guess that funny things happen?

Silent Wedding ( Nunta Muta)- Romania

What if Stalin DIED a few days before your wedding and you weren’t aloud to make noise or celebrate? Then this movie is about you.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ( Män Som Hatar Kvinnor)-Sweden

Huge box office hit based on a best selling book. Mystery, Hackers, Murder, etc.

Small Crime ( Mikro Eglima)- Greece

I saw this movie at another film fest and its very funny and extremely charming. A cop stationed on a quiet island decides to uncover the mystery behind an ‘accidental’ death finding love and intrigue along the way.

Disco and Atomic War ( Disko Ja Tuumasoda)- Estonia

Nothing can stop America in 1970s. Not communism. Not TV Bans. Not Antenna Jammers. Nuttin. This documentary looks at how disco and Dallas helped bring Western culture and ideals to Estonia. Very interesting.

Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
Heath Ledger’s last. Directed by Terry Gilliam. Need we say more?

Vive l’Europe!